Room only reservation....adding tickets?

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Room only reservation....adding tickets?
Tue, 01-19-2010 - 2:13pm

The Year has finally come!!! I have been "planning" a WDW vacation for 6 years and I finally get to go. I have lurked these boards the entire time and posted a couple of times too. But there are a couple of negatives about my FIRST trip.

This trip will include me, DH, DS9, 2 best friends and their 3 kids (16,9,&6).These best friends are NOT planners and like to book vacations a week before they go! I envisioned this great plan to make my vacation as good as possible, but I am going to have to go with the flow a little bit. There WILL be some plans though :)

We are going either the 2nd or 3rd week of May. I will know the exact dates today hopefully (if the non-planners have decided). We are staying at POR for 6 or 7 nights and will do 5 or 6 days in the parks. We are driving down from KY (drove to Tampa last year).

As I start my planning, I have a couple of questions. I am SURE I will have more as time goes by. I am booking a room-only reservation at POR in the next day or 2 to take advantage of the 35% off. I know we aren't doing the dining plan because we don't want to be tied to reservations the entire trip and my ds9 will not be happy with the kids meals in most of these restaurants. So we will just be paying OOP for our meals and will eat mostly CS meals, and at DTD and offsite when we are "touring" the area. I hope to move to Florida in the next few years and I am scouting out the places I would like to live :)

The first real question I have is: Can I add tickets to a room-only reservation that has 35% off and not lose my discount? I know I won't get 35% off the tickets and it will just be the room. I basically want a room-only with tickets bought in advance. If I can add tickets, how late can I do that? I haven't decided if I will be getting the tickets from WDW, Undercovertourist, or from my DH's work. Last year when we checked, he could get tickets through work for a pretty good discount, but we haven't found out if that is still available.

Another question...I am trying to figure out if the 35% off the room is better than the $500 Gift Card? If I am calculating right, the room discount would only be $481. Of course if we go with the Gift card, we pay regular for the room and we HAVE to spend the $500 at disney. I know we will probably spend $500 on food and stuff while we are there, but I don't like the idea of a gift card that is Disney World specific, if that makes sense. Plus with the GC, you have to purchase tickets with the package and I am not sure what I am doing about tickets yet. Why do these decisions have to be SO hard?!??

Besides deciding my actual dates, reserving my room, and deciding on my tickets, is there anything else I need to consider to get started? I haven't decided if we are going to make any ADR's yet, but if we did, what 2-3 restaurants would you choose for picky eaters? I was thinking WCC, Crystal Palace or Chef Mickeys-if available. This group can be very picky about their food so I need things that are "normal" or have normal food available. Buffets will probably work best for variety, but the WCC menu looks normal and it seems like fun!

We (at least DH and I) plan to take afternoon breaks back at the resort. We figured we would swim and relax by the pool or maybe in the room for 2-3 hours and then head back to a park. And yes we are doing park hoppers.

Can someone tell me where I can get schedules for parades and fireworks and such? I have seen the EMH schedules for May and I will be planning accordingly. I just want to plan the other stuff too.

I hope this wasn't too long for a "first" post. I am REALLY excited about this and I hope everything works out. I am also graduating college in May so this is a very special trip!

Thanks in advance,

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Tue, 01-19-2010 - 5:32pm

OK - the basic answer first.

If you want to you can book a room only and then order your tickets from wherever - however this would not be 'adding them to your room'. You would have your room key and then your tickets. When you add the tickets to your room you make it a package losing the discount you may have.

Are you interested in the Dining plans? These are only available on packages - but if you are not getting the dining plan, you will definately spend the $350-750 in food. Or if you go with the Quick Service meal plan you can use the gift card to pay for some sit down meals.

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Tue, 01-19-2010 - 9:31pm

I found this on mousesavers.......Save 30% at Disney Moderate Resorts when you stay 1-4 nights; save 35% when you stay 5 nights or longer. Note that you CAN add tickets and Dining Plan to this offer, effectively making this a vacation package. If you do this, your booking will probably fall under the vacation package rules. You must book room and tickets to get the dining package. Code for room + tickets + regular Dining Plan is QOX.

I guess I was confused because you can add tickets, but doesn't say the discount will then be void. So I have 2 choices: Do a room only and buy my tickets separate, or do the package and get the $500 GC.

Which is the better option? If I buy my tickets separate, will I have to carry tickets with me everywhere I go or can they be added to my key to the world card? Is it a pain to keep up with the tickets?

I really feel like a newbie :) I just need to get the best deal that I can on my room and tickets. I don't want to book and find out I could have saved $100 dollars or more if I had done it another way. If I call them will they help me figure out the best deal or do I need to do that myself?

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Wed, 01-20-2010 - 11:06am

Ok, first of all, take a deep breath.


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