Seating on rides...

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Seating on rides...
Sat, 02-20-2010 - 2:47pm

Hello! We are going to Disneyland in April, but I have been to both and know most of the rides are the same.

We went 3 years ago with our 4 children. Most of the rides they broke us up to 3 per ride (like on Peter Pan, and the Haunted Mansion). This time we have another child. My oldest is 11 ½. Will they let him ride alone on those rides? Do you think they would let both him and my 6 year-old son ride together without a parent actually in their cart? My other kids will be 5, 3 and 2. Would they possible put three little kids with an adult rider? I know they have the one parent ride then the other, but even then someone would be left out, or have to ride twice and I’m not sure how that would work.


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Sat, 02-20-2010 - 11:08pm

They will allow your 11 1/2 year old and your 6 year old ride together without a parent.

That's the only question I can answer for you.

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Sun, 02-21-2010 - 7:41am
A lot of it depends on the size of the people inviled and the way the ride seating is set up.