so very confused!

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so very confused!
Sun, 03-14-2010 - 3:46pm

I am a super planner... I like to plan trips a year in advance. We have suddenly decided that maybe this is our Disney year and I am finding myself in a panic!

The last time we went to Disney with our 3 kids (8, 7, 4), we stayed in 2 adjoining rooms at Pop Century. We are now considering a FW cabin.

Here is what I don't understand. We are deciding between going labor day week and in November. Why would the rates for either resort be LOWER (value season) in the summer months? For FW it is showing cheaper rates from 7/18-9/30 than from 10/11-11/23 and for Pop they are lower from 8/15-9/30 than from 10/11-11/23. That doesn't seem to make sense. Am I missing something? Is FW very buggy or something late in the summer?

Also, if you had to choose between those 2 times I mentioned, which would YOU prefer?! Thanks for any help!!!

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Sun, 03-14-2010 - 5:08pm

Hi there!

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Mon, 03-15-2010 - 12:40pm

Both times are good, although I'm guessing the actual weekend of Labor Day will be busy.

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Tue, 03-16-2010 - 7:13am

I could be wrong....but I thought prices went down a bit during hurricane season. Often times, free dining is offered as an incentive around that July to Sept. mark to entice travelers to come to Disney. And as the previous poster said, kids are going back to school.....most places we've traveled have rates that go down in August for that reason.

I think September or November are both fine times to visit WDW. Whatever works out best for you. We've stayed in the cabins both months, and I don't remember too many bugs at either time! :)

Don't panic about the planning. You have PLENTY of time.


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Tue, 03-16-2010 - 5:19pm
I think the main factors are the fact that a lot of kids are back in school by early Aug and the Food & Wine festival is going on late Sept thru early Nov. Plus you have all the Halloween festivities in October and then Thanksgiving in Nov. Once you hit the end of Sept and the Food & Wine festival starts you get bigger crowds thru the end of the year. Plus, Aug is very hot and humid while you will have cooler temps in Oct/Nov. All in all, I am guessing there are a lot less reses made from mid Aug thru Mid Sept than end Sept thru the end of the year.

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Tue, 03-16-2010 - 9:26pm
You already have your answers I think but if you are debating on your travel dates we LOVE early September.


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Wed, 03-17-2010 - 5:12pm
"Snow-Bird" season... they pack FW Campground/Cabins. I was talking to the tour guide on the carriage tour and she was telling us the max time you can stay at the campsite without actually checking out and back in, several of them do it. One lady spends and entire 6 months there except this year she checked out/in and stayed a full 7 months!
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Wed, 03-17-2010 - 5:22pm
Also wanted to add that we LOVED the cabins! It was so much nicer than staying at a hotel. Now we didn't go to the parks during our stay so I have no comment on getting around to parks. But there is so much to do in FWC area and the kids can run around and be kids, no worry of them making too much noise, etc.