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Wed, 04-07-2010 - 1:51pm

Anyone ever surprise their family with a trip to Walt Disney World?

Any ideas on how to go about doing it?

Has it ever happened to you??

I was thinking of maybe doing it "with" Santa's help!??

What do you all think?

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Wed, 04-07-2010 - 2:52pm

We did it this past Christmas, we planned for months and managed to keep it a surprise til Christmas morning. I took both the girls disney pin lanyards and pinned $100 and a button that says Surprise we are going to Disney World tomorrow! on them, then I wrapped them and we kept them hidden in a different room until we gave them to them. They loved it and we loved it! Our plan was to leave the next morning but my youngest eardrum burst in the middle of the night so we postponed it for 2 days but still was a great surprise and lots of fun for us.

Here's the link to our video on that morning.

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Mon, 04-12-2010 - 9:06pm

Tawnyas was the best. I loved the video and she gets an award for being able to keep it a secret. :)

I think it is a wonderful idea!

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