Tickets, Transportation, and Dining

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Tickets, Transportation, and Dining
Thu, 05-27-2010 - 8:55am

I bought my Magic Your Way Tickets a while ago from Undercover Tourist. I bought the base park hopper, water park, no expiration option.

No, I just bought the Birnbaum book, and it says something in there about the monorail and buses being available to all those people who are resort guests (we're not) or who have the Magic Your Way ticket with the Park Hopper Option.

Does this mean that in order to use the monorails and bus I must upgrade to the Park Hopper Option? If so, how can I do that? We have tickets for 8 days and I can't imagine not using the monorail and buses for those 8 days!

Also in the Birnbaum book, it mentioned that resort guests can make reservations up to 180 days in advance of their trip for dining accommodations and to have your reservation number ready when you call. We are not a resort guest, but have chosen 7 different "sit-down" restaurants. Can we not make reservations 180 days before we arrive? If not, how soon can we make them?

Thanks to anyone who knows more about this stuff than I do and can answer.

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Thu, 05-27-2010 - 10:40am

You can use the monorail even if you dont have park hopper or are not a resort guest. I think that in fact, you will be parking at TTC when you go to MK and then you take the monorail to MK.... I have heard that sometimes at night at closing the will restrict the resort monorail to those staying at the monorail resorts, but always stay at a monorail resort and have never had to show our key

You can make ressies 180 days before EACH dining day if you are not a resort guest. (resort guests can make it 180 plus up to 10 days (so as early as 190 days) in advance.


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Thu, 05-27-2010 - 9:56pm

Not only can you use the monorail, but you can use the buses as well.

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Tue, 06-01-2010 - 12:26pm

We've been down to Disney many times. However, this time I've chosen NOT to buy the Park Hopper option because we've actually never hopped from one park to another in the same day on any of our previous trips. So my thought was, why waste the money? But if I couldn't use the Monorail and buses, I'd spring for the option.

As far as why use the bus, it's only because we've chosen to eat a couple nights at Downtown Disney and once at the Boardwalk. So we thought we'd take the bus from whatever park we're at that day instead of driving. Or maybe not. :-)

We're staying in a rental house just outside of Disney, about 10 minutes from the World Drive and 192 interchange. I think the subdivision is called Indian Creek. We've stayed in the same house before and found the extra space to be quite relaxing! And the kids enjoyed the pool and hot tub so much, we had to TELL them that "Yes, we ARE staying for Illuminations and The MS Electric Parade" and not going back to the house yet!

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Thu, 06-03-2010 - 8:09am

There is not transportation from theme parks to down town disney. you have to transfer at a resort.

Disney transportation is open to all ticket holders. The only time in 10 years I've had my ticket checked is when we've needed to board the monorail at zero dark thirty for a pre park opening (and pre ticket booth opening) breakfast reservation.

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Thu, 06-03-2010 - 9:44am

I've only been asked was NOT at rope drop but soon after (we've only made rope drop ONCE and since the TTC wouldn't help us with our problem, we had to take care of our tickets at the park while everybody was going through the turnstiles..ugh!).

Anyway, it was BEFORE that trip that we were asked to show park tickets upon boarding the monorail. We were among hoards of people about to go up the ramp and WE were chosen randomly to show our tickets.

On the future trip where we weren't taken care of at the TTC and were told we had to do what we wanted to do at the MK (we had one day left from the prior trip, and wanted to trade it in for credit on a new 4-day, the minimum park hopper you could buy then...why the TTC couldn't handle it? I don't know). Anyway, I thought of that when asked...what if we were asked for tickets to board after being told the TTC couldn't take care of us. Of course, we DID have actual tickets with us, so it wouldn't have mattered in that case.

Otherwise, many people ride the monorail just to ride it. On one trip (I think the same trip we were asked one day, but the day before), we visited a few resorts (at Christmastime) on arrival day (staying off-site) and did NOT have tickets with us, but rode the monorail just for fun.

Like Sonya mentioned, there are no buses from the parks to Downtown Disney and vice versa, so it will be A LOT easier to take your own vehicle. You would have to take a bus to a resort, then wait for a bus to DTD, then do the same thing on the way back. There are usually multiple stops as well. There is no parking fee at DTD, but parking fills up quickly, especially further into the day (we used to go first thing in the morning and never had problems, but on recent trips going later, it has taken a long time to find a parking spot).

You could do a bus between the parks and the resorts and you shouldn't have any problems using a bus for that reason.