Upcoming trip - help!

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Upcoming trip - help!
Wed, 04-10-2013 - 4:09pm

So...MY MOM IS GOING TO DISNEY WITH US!!!  She has never been and is excited to go.  But we'll need to buy her tickets.  The Undercover Tourist link in the Mousesavers email is the cheapest we'll find, isn't it?  Or is there some other place that less expensive?

Next - there are going to be 5 of us going, so we'll need to consider rooms.  I understand that POR - French Quarter has trundles or murphy beds or something.  And there are family suites at a couple of values (including AOA).  Does anyone have any thoughts?  My DH's first question was:  do we need our own space?  Like a door we can close to "get away", even for a few minutes?  It's only going to be 3 days (and 3 nights), so not a long trip.  Would a condo somewhere nearby (for less money - even the ones near Hotel Plaza Blvd!) be a better idea, so we can have a couple of bedrooms?  (We like my mom just fine, but I like my own space, too - I'm an introvert.)

Any other tips for those who have traveled with family?  Fortunately, she's in excellent shape (probably better than I am), so she won't slow us down.  She's willing to go with the flow (or so she says - we'll see).  I know she'd love Epcot, and especially the Flower & Garden festival, so we easily have 1-2 days planned right there...


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Wed, 04-10-2013 - 9:52pm

I've never traveled with family.   However, with my DH (a/k/a the loud snorer) we do opt for a cabin at Ft Wilderness so we can have a door that shuts.   It gives more elbow room, but is a little different to navigate than a regular WDW resort.

I've never stayed offsite.. .. .

It might be nice to have your mother.  Maybe you & DH can have some hubby & wife time while there.  


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Wed, 04-10-2013 - 9:46pm

How fun that your mom is going to Disney with you, I bet the girls will just love that! 

As for tickets, yes, I believe the undercover tourist link is the cheapest for tickets. Hotels are a little trickier... My family need space from everyone and everything for just a few minutes a day. I love my mom and so do my kids and my husband but I would want to stay in a condo or suite rather than one room. We have done Disney with friends (before kids), with my parents and brothers family, and with DH's sister and kids. Every trip we had our own hotel room with those adjoining doors and I was always happy at the end of the night to close those doors, lol. 

As far as touring goes...your mom sounds like she will be perfect to go with. She hasn't seen anything so everything will be new and exciting. Since you guys have done it all (pretty much) before I would get a feel for what she really wants to do. And, if there is anything really important to you let her know. My only big issue when travelling with family was my SIL's inability to get up and out in the morning so we started meeting up later because the late starts were driving me crazy, but I can't imagine my mom being like that (so I am assuming your mom won't either).

Have fun, I hope get to hear about it. ;)