where's the best place to see tinkerbell

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where's the best place to see tinkerbell
Mon, 05-05-2003 - 9:04pm
at the beginning of the fireworks? (it is the fireworks that she flies from the castle in the beginning, right?)... and spectromagic is the parade right before it???? so can you stay in the same spot to see both things? we can't "camp out" 2 hours before anything with our little ones (3½yo and 21 month), so i'm hoping we'll still get to see everything. i don't care about leaving the parks quickly afterwards... i'd rather see it all really well and take our time getting out (we're staying at the grand, so the monorail for there should be ok that late at night, right?)

tia for any input!!!! Liz :)

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Tue, 05-06-2003 - 3:38pm
HI Liz,

I usually see Tinkerbell the best on the walkway (s)between Main Street and Tommorrowland. If you are facing the castle, she jumps off on the left side. I am either dreaming or I read on wdwid that she was not flying for some reason for right now due to construction or something, but I really may have been dreaming.

As for Spectromagic and the timing of the fireworks, it all depends on when you are going and how often Spectromagic is playing and if the fireworks are blasting off.

On my last trip, we camped out for Spectromagic with our 15 month old at about 8:30 at the hub of Main Street so we could have an easy exit. Luckily there weren't too many people there and she ended up sitting on my dh's shoulders for some part of it too.

But in all honesty, my favorite place to see Spectromagic is in Fronteirland. There is a rock wall to sit on and if you are really lucky, there are a few rocking chairs.

I think I have seen Tink also while sitting at the beach at the Poly too. That is my favorite place to watch the fireworks since you get a great view of the castle which is right in front of you.

As for coming back from the MK to the Grand Floridian, it might be quicker (just in case if you have restless children) to take the resort boat/shuttle since it goes to the GF first then to the Poly. If you take the monorail, you go to the Contemp, TTC, Poly then to the GF.

Have fun,