Great book for SF Peninsula hikers

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Great book for SF Peninsula hikers
Mon, 03-31-2003 - 5:10pm
I just bought a book called Peninsula Trails: Outdoor Adventures on the San Francisco Peninsula by Jean Rusmore, Frances Spangle, Betsy Crowder, and so far it's great. I found it in a bookstore in Half Moon Bay, but it's also availible on Amazon. I started reading it last night and I already have about 10 hikes that I want to do.

The book is divided into 3 sections - Northern, Central, and Southern Peninsula and covers the mountains from just south of SF down to about Saratoga. It has maps, park demographics (size, location, facilities, etc), as well as many many comprehensive descriptions of hikes - everything from mile and a half, level terrain hikes to major under takings. There is also information for mountain bikers and equestrians. There is a new edition which came out in June 2002, so the information is up to date.

I just thought I would pass on this find.