Aboard the Underground Railroad

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Aboard the Underground Railroad
Wed, 02-28-2007 - 10:51pm

I've recently learned that a house in my neighborhood was part of the Railroad (no, it's not shown on this site), and thought that this would be an appropriate "destination" for the month of February

 Aboard the Underground Railroad A National Register Travel Itinerary

 Images of Frederick Douglas, Harriett Tubman, Garrett Smith, The Liberator newspaper, door of Whitehouse Farm, and an auction sign from Library of Congress photograph
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Wed, 02-28-2007 - 11:58pm

Too cool Jackie!!

Does this mean that you are still taking people??? I do need a vacation.

Just no pianos or crates ok...I am closterphobic (sp) LOL!!

That is such a cool history to have!!

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Happy St Patricks Day ! ! !

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