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CDotW!! Prince Edward Island
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Island Facts

  • Population - 138,000
  • Cities - Charlottetown and Summerside
  • There are 7 towns - Alberton, Cornwall, Georgetown, Kensington, Montague, Souris and Stratford.
  • Time Zone - Atlantic
  • Soil - Red, due to iron oxide which rusts on exposure to air
  • Land Area - 280 km (175 miles) from tip to tip. Total land area 5,656 sq km (2,184 sq mi)
  • Provincial Bird - Blue Jay
  • Coat of Arms - Armorial Bearings
  • Provincial Flower - Lady’s Slipper
  • Provincial Tree - Red Oak
  • The PEI tartan was adopted in 1960.
  • The Island Hymn was written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in the spring of 1908.
  • Major industries - agriculture, tourism, fisheries
  • Daily Newspapers - The Guardian, Journal Pioneer
      Touring Regions

      This colour-coded map outlines the four regions of Prince Edward Island. The PEI Highway Map (which you can request using our handy information request form) is also colour-coded for these regions.

      Click on the map or the links below.

      North Cape Coastal Drive | Anne's Land
      Charlotte's Shore | Points East Coastal Drive Environment

      As a small island province, Prince Edward Island depends on the land and the sea as the basis for its three primary industries –farming, tourism and the fishery. The Island has a turbulent history when it comes to land ownership and from the moment property rights were seized from absentee landowners, Islanders have taken seriously issues surrounding land use and stewardship. All three industries are interdependent, and all contingent on a healthy environment where crops flourish, shellfish thrive and visitors reap the scenic benefits. The residents of PEI are aware that all this hangs in a delicate balance, and the provincial government and the community are taking measures to protect what they believe to be a special and magical place. The PEI Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture is taking the lead in implementing a Sustainable Resource Policy aimed at protecting and enhancing the agricultural and forest resource lands. Some of the programs and legislation currently in place include:

      • Legislation relating to crop rotation and riparian buffer zones.
      • A new initiative, the PEI Food Trust, supports sustainable growing and harvesting practices.
      • Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program provides support to communities to enhance streams and forests
      • Young Environmentalist Program which annually hires students to work on stream enhancement, erosion control, etc.
      • Waste Watch which, through its recycling and composting program projects a 65% diversion of waste from disposal sites
      • Anti-littering laws that administer fines all the way up to $50,000
      • Annual Women's Institute Roadside Cleanup Day
      • Carbonated beverages sold only in refillable glass containers in PEI with a return/re-use rate of 98%
      • Island Nature Trust protects and manages natural areas through land aquisition, conservation, habitat restoration and education
      • Land use and land ownership controls such as limitations to land ownership by residents, corporations and non-residents; subdivision controls; and protection of endangered landscapes by the L.M. Montgomery Land Trust
      • Green Power Program which sells power generated at the North Cape wind power research farm

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      Things to Do

      "We were truly amazed at the beauty at every turn of the head. I believe what we saw and experienced was the closest thing to Heaven we have experienced on this planet"

      Rick & Diane Lipinski, Sterling Heights, Michigan

      There are a wealth of activities to keep you busy or relaxed on Prince Edward Island...

      Deep Sea Fishing
      Harness Racing
      Provincial Parks
      Summer Camps
      Water Tours

      Arts & Crafts
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      Anne of Green Gables
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      Experience Our Island
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      Finding Your PEI Roots
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