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CDotW...Montreal Quebec!
Thu, 06-07-2007 - 10:37am, Quebec - A City Full of Life and Culture

Montreal Quebec is described as romantic, elegant, a city full of joie de vivre. It’s said to resemble Vienna, a vibrant place full of memories, dreams and festivals. Located on an island at the junction of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, Montreal possesses all those characteristics…but also has a solid history as a gigantic trading post.

Its harbor can accommodate more than 100 ocean going vessels. This sophisticated city is a wonderful place for your next holiday. The city has many ethnic groups represented; yet the majority of its population is French-speaking, making it the second-largest French-speaking metropolis in the Western world.

Montreal is made up of two parts:

  • The Old City - a maze of narrow streets, restored buildings and old houses
  • The modern Montreal - with its skyscrapers, theaters, museums, nearly 7600 restaurants and glittering nightlife.

The second largest city in Canada, Montreal is a vibrant center of commerce, industry, culture, finance and world affairs. It's the largest inland port in the world and is one of the most important. As one of the most important ports in Canada, it is a trans-shipment point for grain, sugar, petroleum products, machinery, and consumer goods. For this reason, it has always been an extremely important rail city, home to the headquarters of the Canadian National Railway.

Montreal’s rich history, distinct heritage, culture and language provide tourists with a unique French experience without going to Europe. The second largest Canadian city next to Toronto, Montreal has an outstanding lineup of tourist attractions, including museums, cultural centres and historic landmarks.

When visiting, and if there is inclement weather, head for Montreal’s underground city, a pedestrian network more than 19 miles long. You’ll have access to hundreds of shops and restaurants, several area attractions and businesses.

Montreal has one of the most unique subway systems in the world. A different architect in a different style decorated each station, and it’s been labeled “the largest underground art gallery in the world.”

There are a lot of things to see and do in Montreal, and here are some places you should look into:

La Basilica Notre-Dame
Notre-Dame is only one of many beautiful churches in the city. It's a neogothic building dating from 1829, constructed on the site of a much older and smaller church, which had been outgrown by its parishioners.
This museum is dedicated to raising environmental and ecological awareness among its visitors.
Bonsecours Market
Inaugurated in 1847, this market is the jewel in Montreal's heritage. The Bonsecours Market, acknowledged as one of Canada's finest heritage buildings, has become an essential stop on any visit to Old Montreal.
Cours Mont-Royal
Cours Mont-royal is downtown Montreal's most upscale shopping centre. The exterior of the centre is an attractive blend of old-fashioned stone skyscraper with modern touches, while the interior is centered around a giant, classically decorated lobby.
Insectarium de Montreal
Do you like creepy crawlies? If so, you need to visit this place! However, if you have an aversion to insects, be assured that you'll love this place too!
Montreal Botanical Garden
In close proximity to the Olympic Park and the Biodome, the Montreal Botanical Garden is one of the largest of its kind
Montreal Exchange
Ready to get your heartbeat elevated, when seeing all the frenzy of activity on the trading floor? That’s what will happen when you visit the Montreal Exchange.
Museum of Archaeology and History
A visit to this museum will begin with an audiovisual show that gives you an overview of the area from the Ice Age to the present
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
During the past 140 years the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has assembled one of North America’s finest collections, totaling more than 30,000 objects.
Montreal Tower
During the past 140 years the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has assembled one of North America’s finest collections, totaling more than 30,000 objects.
Mount Royal
The city’s most enduring symbol and the jewel of Montreal’s city parks is Mount Royal.

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Thanks for the post, Glenda!


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I went to montreal in my early 20's. We were only there on night...but loved it!!

It truely is a place to see!

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