Destination of the Week:Tillamook,Oregon

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Destination of the Week:Tillamook,Oregon
Sun, 06-15-2003 - 2:02pm
With so many Washingtonians on the board here I thought I'd try to aim for something near

your area this week. Expand your horizons a litle,send you all out there to investigate

and report back!

The following comes from the Tillamook C of C website:

Tillamook, Land of cheese,trees,and ocean breeze.

Welcome to Tillamook! Whether you have chosen to visit or to locate in this most beautiful part of Oregon, we trust your experiences are all good ones. The Tillamook area has much to offer your family, the businessman or retiree.

Your recreational opportunities here range from the most exhilarating to the most relaxing. There is something for everyone.

Dairy Farming, Timber, Tourism, and Fishing have become the areas' major industries, but this lush, green valley nestled between the Coast Range and the Pacific Ocean is perfect for nearly any business, firm, or family.

Tillamook Chamber of Commerce

3705 Hwy 101 North

Tillamook, Oregon 97141

Copyright 2003 Phone: (503) 842-7525

Fax: (503) 842-7526


Here's an extensive list of camping facilities in the area. From private to state park,there's something here for everyone. Enjoy!! Also, if there's a place listed

below that any of you have visited,please do let us know! I love hearing about places

even if there's little chance I'll ever get there myself. ~~~ruth~~~

Camping Codes

F-# Full Hookup

P-# Partial Hookup

T-# Tent Sites

D Dump Station S Showers

TV TV Hookup

Pets Pets on Leash

L Laundry

Campgrounds/RV Parks/State Parks


Kilchis River Park (County)

End of Kilchis River Road

Tillamook, Oregon 97141

503-842-6694 or 503-322-3522

Code: T-40, Pets

Area: On Kilchis River

Rates: $10

Pacific Campground & RV Park

1950 Suppress Road North

Tillamook, Oregon 97141


Code: F-31, P-5, T, S, TV, Pets

Area: Near Tillamook Cheese Factory

Rates: $18-22 RV, $12-16 Tent

Pleasant Valley RV Park

11880 Hwy 101 South

Tillamook, Oregon 97141


Code: F-50, P-27, T-10, Cabins-2, D, S, TV, Pets, L

Area: Off Highway 101 7 miles south of Tillamook

Rates: $16-21.50, $40 cabins

Tillamook Airport RV Park

5000 Highway 101 South

Tillamook, Oregon 97141


Code: T-58, Pets

Area: Visual Aircraft Landings

Rates: $5

Trask Park (County)

12 miles up Trask River Road

Tillamook, Oregon 97141


Code: T-55, D, Pets

Area: On Trask River

Rates: $10

Trask River Mobile Home & RV Park

3370 Gienger Road #39

Tillamook, Oregon 97141


Code: F-10, P-4, S, TV (Cable available), Pets (small), L

Area: On Trask River

Rates: $12 day, $70 week, $240 month

Wilson River RV Park

11300 Wilson River Hwy

Tillamook, Oregon 97141


Code: F-59, P-10, T-1, D (not for public use), S, TV, Pets, L

Area: On Wilson River

Rates: $19-21 day, $126 week, $225+ week

State Parks

Cape Lookout State Park

13000 Whiskey Creek Road

South of Tillamook-Netarts


Code: F-37, T-176, D, S, Pets. Other: Meeting Hall

Area: On Beach

Rates: Hiker-Biker $4, 3 Cabins $45-65, $7 add car, $12-16 tent, $16-20 RV,

10 Yurts $27, 4 Group Sites $60, 1 handicap each full & partial hookup

Nehalem Bay State Park

9500 Sandpiper Lane

Nehalem, Oregon 97131


Code: P-276, T, D, S, Pets. Other: Meeting Hall & bike trail

Area: Beach & Nehalem Bay

Rates 18 Yurts $27, Hiker-Biker $4, $7 add car. May-Sept $20 & Oct-Apr $16,

Horse Camp available 17 sites $16, off season $12

Oswald West State Park

Off Hwy 101, 4 miles north of Manzanita

Hike into park only campsites

Closed November to mid-March


Code: T-30, Pets

Area: Shady Trees, 1/4 mile to beach

Rates: $10-14, $10 off season

Campgrounds/RV Parks

Bay City

Tillamook Bay City RV Park

Hwy 101 & Alderbrook Road

Bay City, Oregon


Code: F-30, T-16, S, TV, Pets, L

Area: 4 ½ miles north of Tillamook

Rates Tent $15, RVs $20-24


Camper Cove RV Park & Campground

19620 Hwy 101 South (P.O. Box 42)

Beaver, Oregon 97108


Code: F-14, P-3, T-5, D, S, Pets, L

Area: Off Hwy 101 South at Beaver


Rocky Bend Campground (USFS)

15 miles up Blaine Road

Beaver,Oregon 97108


Code: T-6, Pets

Area: Primitive

Rates: Free


Thousand Trails

30000 Sandlake Road

Cloverdale, Oregon 97112

1-800-284-9169 or 503-965-6134

Code: F-61, P-244, T, D, S, TV, Pets, L

Area: Across from beach

Rates: Call Thousand Trails for current rates


Miami Cove RV Park

503 E. Garibaldi Avenue (Hwy 101)

Garibaldi, Oregon 97118


Code: F-14, S, TV, Pets, L

Area: Off Hwy 101

Rates: $18-22 day, $108-130 week, $185-250 month

Old Mill Marina Resort

2105 Third St

Garibaldi, Oregon 97118


Reservations requested

Code: T-160(Members only), P-50(public use), T, D, S, TV(x-chg),Pets(x-chg), L

Area: On Tillamook Bay

Rates: $22-24


Castle Rock Campground (USFS)

4 ½ miles up Hwy 22

Hebo, Oregon 97122


Code: T-4, Pets

Area: Highway 22, Primitive

Rates: Free

Hebo lake Campground (USFS)

5 miles from Hebo up Forest Service Road #14

Hebo, Oregon 97122


Code: T-15, Pets. Other: Hiking Trail

Area: On Hebo Lake, Open Mid-April to Mid-Oct.

Rates: $10, add car $5. $5 day use fee

Highway 6

Brown's Camp (State Forestry Park)

Milepost 33, Summit of Highway 6 on Scroggins Creek Road

Tillamook, Oregon


Code: T-29. Other: All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Event Staging Area

Area: On Wilson River, Open Mar-Nov

Rates: $10

Diamond Mill OHV (State Forestry Park)

2 ½ N.W. of Jones Creek, milepost 22.8 Highway 6

Tillamook, Oregon


Code: T-20. Other: All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) trail not for beginners

Area: On Wilson River, Open Year Round

Rates: Free

Elk Creek Campground Stage Forestry Park)

Milepost 28, South Fork Road off Highway 6

Tillamook, Oregon


Code: T-15 walk-in sites only

Area: On Wilson River, Trail Head parking & Trails

Rates: $5, $2 add car

Gales Creek Campground (State Forestry Park)

Milepost 35, Highway 6

Tillamook, Oregon


Code: T-23, 4 walk-in sites, 19 drive-in sites

Area: On Gales Creek, Open Memorial Day-Oct 31st

Rates: $10 drive-in, $5 walk-in, $2 add car

Jones Creek Campground (State Forestry Park)

22.8 miles east on Highway 6

Tillamook, Oregon


Code: T-38, Pets, RVs up to 50 feet

Area: On Wilson River, Open Memorial Day-Oct 31st

Rates: $5-10, $2 add car

Jordan Creek Campground (State Forestry Park)

Milepost 18, Highway 6, 2.2 miles up Jordan Creek Road

Tillamook, Oregon


Code: T-6, No water

Area: On Jordan Creek, OHV camp & staging area, Open Mar-Nov

Rates: $5, $2 add car

Keening Creek Campground (State Forestry Park)

Milepost 18 on Highway 6

Tillamook, Oregon


Code: T-4, 4 sites maximum, limited camping in upper parking areas

Area: On Wilson River, Access Road, Poor condition, Loop Roads closed

Rates: Free

Stagecoach Horse Camp (State Forestry Park)

5 miles from Highway 6, University Falls Road

Tillamook, Oregon


Code: T-11

Area: Forest, Corrals, Drinking water for horses only, Loop with 2 to 4 hour trails,

Picnic table with shelter, Open Year Round

Rates: $5, $2 add car


Nehalem Bay Trailer Park

36455 Hwy 101 N.

Nehalem, Oregon 97131


Code: F-37, S, TV, Pets (small), L

Area: Shady Trees

Rates: $19

Nehalem Falls Campground (State Forestry Park)

Milepost 7, Foss Road, Junction Highway 101 & Highway 53

Nehalem, Oregon 97131


Code: T18, One Group Site

Area: Near Nehalem River, Hiking Trail, Open Memorial Day - Oct 31st


Nehalem Shores RV Park

37395 N Fork Road

Nehalem, Oregon 97131


Code: F-25, S, TV, Pets (small only), L

Area: On River

Rates: $22-27

Roy Creek (County)

1/4 mile up Foss Road

Nehalem, Oregon 97131


Code: T-10

Area: On Nehalem River

Rates: $4


Big Spruce RV Park

4850 Netarts Hwy West

Netarts, Oregon

503-842-7443 or 1-877-651-9342

Code: F-24,S, TV, Pets, L. Other: Boat Rentals Available

Area: In Netarts

Rates: $20, $120 week, Monthly Rates Available

Netarts Bay RV Park & Marina

2260 Bilyeu Avenue (P.O. Box 218)

Netarts, Oregon 97143


Code: F-53, S, TV, Pets, L. Other: Boat Rentals Available

Area: On Netarts Bay

Rates: $24 non-view, $27 view, $19.50-22 win, Monthly & Weekly Rates Available

Pacific City

Cape Kiwanda RV Park, Inc.

P.O. Box 129

Pacific City, Oregon 97135


Code: F-144, P-10, T-23, D, S, TV, Pets, L Other: Large RV's welcome.

Area: Across from Cape Kiwanda

Rates: Tents $17, RV's $23-27, 7 Cabins $30-60

Island Park (County)

4 miles north of Pacific City

Pacific City, Oregon 97135


Code: T-27, Pets

Area: Sandlake on Estuary

Rates: $10

Riverview Lodge

36220 Resort Drive

Pacific City, Oregon 97135


Code: P-12, T, S, Pets, L

Area: On Nestucca River

Rates: $20 Tent, $25 RV

Tomichi Village

33145 Web Park Road

Pacific City, Oregon 97135


Code: F-40, S, TV, Pets, L

Area: At Cape Kiwanda

Rates: $20 RV

Webb Park (County)

Across Highway from Cape Kiwanda

Pacific City, Oregon 97135


Code: P-7, T-30, D, S, Pets

Area: Near Cape Kiwanda

Rates: $14 Tent, $16 RV

Rockaway Beach

Barview Jetty Park (County)

Barview Jetty, 1 mile north of Garibaldi

Rockaway Beach, Oregon 97136


Code: F-60, T-180, D, S, Pets

Area: Bay Beach

Rates: $15-30

Jetty Fishery

27550 Highway 101 N

Rockaway Beach, Oregon 97136


Code: P-14, T-5, S, Pets

Area: On Nehalem Bay

Rates: $18 for 2 people, $2 add

Paradise Cove (Members Only)

32455 Highway 101 N

Rockaway Beach, Oregon 97136


Code: F-125, P-17, T-25, D, S, TV, Pets, L Other: 2 Pools, Jacuzzi, Boat Rental,

Clubhouse on Water

Area: On Nehalem Bay

Rates: Members Only

Shorewood RV Park

17600 Ocean Blvd.

Rockaway Beach, Oregon 97136


Code: F (Call for Availability), S, TV, Pets, L

Area: On Beach

Rates: $21


Sandbeach Campground (USFS)

6 miles north of Pacific City

Sandlake, Oregon

503-392-3161 or 1-877-444-6777

Code: T-101, D

Area: Beach & Dune Area. 140 sites.

Rates: $12, $6 add car, $10 entry permit Holidays East Dunes & West Winds Camp $6 fee


Woods (County)

Brooten Road at bridge

Woods, Oregon


Code: F-5, T- 3-4. Other: Covered Picnic Area

Area: On Nestucca River

Rates: $10 Tent, $16 RV


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Have stayed twice at Cape Lookout. It has lovely squeaky sands....they make squealy noises when you scuff across them...and excellent sand castle building sand. The hike is billed a short one....but it's actually quite long and ends about a mile about the ocean on the "lookout point" so if you have children with you, your knees are shakey the whole time spent there. No restrooms or water along the plan ahead on that as well! The campground was clean, quiet and had lots of shaded areas. The facilities such as restrooms and grounds were clean and well kept. We had TWO family reunions there and thoroughly enjoyed the beach. The individual sites were generally quite small...but a lot of groundcover and shrubbery was left in place for privacy.

The view from the lookout point is spectacular...if you don't have a fear of heights! Not many seashells for those who are into that...

The side trip into Tillamook is worth doing if you like cheese or just a great ice cream cone. The tour of the cheesemaking facilities is really a neat thing to do, but count on having kids hold their noses and go euuuuuuuuuuuuuie because it is a kind of stinky process. The gift shop at the facility has (or had) an excellent range of flavors of salt water taffy, too...we even got molasses, which is a family favorite.

We got lucky on the weather and had beautiful sunny days both times, but I understand this can be a morning fog campground and you can be a little chilly in the summer until near noon on some days.

The surf was clean and fairly low waves when we were there. No rocks to contend with...just a nice sandy beach!!!


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I just read an article in Frommers Budget Travel about staying in yurts in some of Oregon's state parks. There are several parks on the coast and a few more inland that have yurts for rent. Sounds like a lot of fun to me!