DoTW: Fort Wilderness

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DoTW: Fort Wilderness
Thu, 02-26-2004 - 11:58am


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We loved pitching our tent there this past September. It was very quiet. We were off season, so that helped. the pool was great, just perfest temperature. The movies, campfire and sing a long with Chip and Dale were so fun. The buses were great, we never had to wait more than 10 minutes for one. Once you park your car, you never have to move it! The Magic Kingdom is just a boat ride away, and so are some resorts, so you can catch the monorail. At the parks, you can have your purchases sent to the campground, and they will hold them at the General store, so you don't have to carry everything with. The kids loved all the little lizards and frogs, the restrooms were always so clean. We definately intend to go back. It is an affordable way to do Disney. The Hotels on property started at $80 a night, and we spent the night on property for $33. Including making our own breakfasts and dinners, we were able to spend a week. We wouldn't have been able to spend that much time there if Ft. Wilderness wasn't available.

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Wed, 03-03-2004 - 9:48am
As you no doubt can tell by my screen name, this is my favorite place in the whole world. If I could get my husband to go again, I would in a heartbeat. I was at DW many times growing up and we stayed once at the campground as a teenager (long time ago) and loved it then and had to get my family there when we started camping. We went with our pop up during the first week of November 2001 and the first week of October 2002. It was the off season both times but it was less crowded during the October trip. Although I was a little disappointed in the dead vegatation around the loop we were in, I had to keep in mind that they were in the midst of a drought. Otherwise it is one of the nicest and best maintained campgrounds I have ever been to. The bath houses were imaculate and air conditioned. We were in the loop across from the Meadows trading post which made it very convenient for the pool and the campfire program but the busses were a breeze to catch to just about anywhere. We also wen to Mickeys All AMerican Backyard Barbeque. Although the food was great and the concept was a good one, the only thing that the characters amounted to was more time STANDING IN LINE for an autograph. I would have preferred to see them come to the tables like at other character meals. We also rented Water MIce at the marina and that was an absolute blast. They arent very fast, but they are small and feel like you are going fast. I highly recommend trying them. THe electric water pagent was a lot of fun as well. But my biggest thrill was the cost. Because I knew we would be going twice in a year, I bought annual passes which made our campsite a whopping $26.00 a night making it possible for us to stay there for 10 days. We got to eat most meals at our camper and we packed lunches and have a couple of dinners out. The most I spent,was on the tickets. My husband loved the campground but hated the parks. ANyone want to go with me again?