Bear Field Trips

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Bear Field Trips
Thu, 12-20-2012 - 9:25am

You would think this would be so super simple!!!!      However, I'm just stuck for field trip ideas.

I think half the problem is there are TONS of places I want to go & think would be awesome -- except they offer programs for Webelos activities and so I want to save them for those OR it is a seasonal place and isn't open in the winter.    I also want to avoid doing things that our Pack does also (which usually goes to the places I can think of).

On the flip side, the OTHER places I can think to go -- we already did as Tigers.

Our boys have been working so hard on the Bear requirements trying to get them all done by Feb. and we really haven't taken any field trips.    :(   We went to the zoo & then we went to the grocery store (doing the cost comparisons but that wasn't something set up officially with the store).     I think we need an outing just for fun at this point.     Of course, we still have so much to accomplish by Blue & Gold that it probably won't be until AFTER that we can take the trip.


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Sun, 12-23-2012 - 6:55pm

My DH was a Cub Scout assistant den leader for a couple of years, and a Den leader for 2-3 years when our DS was a Cub Scout.  He was also involved in the Pack leadership during our son's entire Cub Scouting career.  I can't remember offhand what the boys did as Bears in terms of field trips, but I remember we visited a factory that made cables one day, and some things we did with the Pack that you could do with your Den were:

visit an animal hospital

visit a TV station (we visited a local station with its studios located at the local university)

visit a newspaper, complete with a tour of the printing facility

I hope this helps!