Biking trip on Sunday & other stuff

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Biking trip on Sunday & other stuff
Wed, 08-07-2013 - 10:16am

D's Webelos (4th grade) den is heading out for a biking day.  The boys wanted to go first thing in the morning, so we are meeting around 9:00 am at the trail.  We don't have very many boys going. I'm sure that part of the issue is transporting the bikes.  That's kinda tough to arrange without pick-up trucks or a trailer.  I think the trip is going to be fun.  Several of D's closest friends are going :)

J has a a meeting with his counselor to finish up Citizenship in the Nation this week.  He finished up another Merit Badge, but that counselor has not returned his call.  He's probably on vacation. J is starting to look at Cooking since it is very doable right now with his schedule.  He's ramping up his effort on Camping. DH was saying that J was close to finished with Camping.  He probably has 1/2 of it written up and ready to present.  He needs to put an effort into the the rest & get it done. J was assigned to be Troop Guide again.  It's not too exciting this time of year since the kids who really want to work on skills already did it last term with him. 

I met with the Pack leadership and roughed out the calendar and finalized the budget the best we can until we get our popcorn totals.  I need to get the new scout Round Up scheduled.  I was really hoping to pass this off this year, but the two people who told me they would do it are not doing it.  I do have a mom who has younger scouts helping this year with the Boy Talk. I have to do all of the scheduling, get the hand-outs ready, plan the evening, etc. I really do wonder what will happen when DH, the current treasurer, and I walk out the door next year.  We have a replacement treasurer coming on board and we have someone shadowing for popcorn.  We still need a committee chair and a cub master to take over. 

The district day camp directors are meeting for lunch today.  It'll be nice to say goodbye to the one who is leaving.  We picked her up a nice bag in girl colors.  Something totally non-boy :)  The Council Day Camp meetings start in 2 weeks.  I'm not looking forward to them at all.  Did I post that my co-director and I will be taking on a 2nd camp this year? Both directors from that camp bailed.  They had warned that they were, but they were not able to recruit replacements.  The plan is to have 2 directors in training to work with us for both camps and transition to them. I hope the people who told us they would take over are going to do it.  If we don't have the Directors in Training we are going to be in a world of hurt.