First round of camp is over

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First round of camp is over
Wed, 06-19-2013 - 3:10pm

Year 4 of being a day camp director.  I think we had a good camp.  I personally feel it was the best staff yet.  The programming was not my favorite, but the adults did a great job interacting with the kids & it really felt like we had happy scouts. 

Next year my co-director and I are running 2 camps.  It'll be my last year.  I've been telling everyone that I would finish up in 2014.  I hope someone comes on board this year to plan and learn. 

D considered this his best year of camp.  I can't wait for him to go to resident camp next week.  J always thought Webelos Resident Camp was awesome. I'm hoping D does, too. 

J was at NYLT last week.  Overall he enjoyed it, but we found out that the teen staff made J the butt of a joke all week.  It makes me sick that he was being made fun of all week & decided to just take it if those kids felt they needed to do that.  I don't know what the heck is wrong with people that the supposed best peer leaders are there as mentors & they pick at him.   I'm worried that some of this will roll over to Jambo.  :( 

DH and the boys are off to resident camp next week.  I'm taking one of the boys to check-in and then attending D's family night on Tuesday, picking D up from camp on Wed, & going to J's family night on Thursday.  4 trips to camp in one week.  Should be fun. 



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Sat, 06-29-2013 - 6:11pm

It sounds as if you've had a good start to summer!  June was primarily a camping month for us as well.

May31-June 2 was Girl Scout Camping with our area- very fun... I had my older girls do a fire building challenge and they got double time in canoes because the gave the littlest ones rides.  We also had the pool to ourselves for over an hour!

June 7-9 was Webelos Camporee at the local Boy Scout camp (10 minutes drive)... they worked on Webelos Badges, but also did bottle rockets just for fun and they all got to build a wooden box then have it branded (like a cattle brand) with their choice of 3 brands that were handmade by a local man!  It was disappointing because there were only about 35 scouts for the weekend (when last year there were around 180).  I thought this year was fantastic in the planning and execution of the weekend.

June 13-15 We threw in a 2 night camp at one of the scouts houses- large back yard with several farm animals nearby... they worked on lashings, poison ivy ID, and other scout skills like building a campfire in the rain... there was also plenty of time to just enjoy each other's company.  This also helped out a few of the boys who were 2-3 nights shy of 20 nights for camping merit badge.

June 17-20 we took a family vacation to Ocean City, MD.  Sean took along his merit badge pre-req stuff for environmental science and he did his one plot of land at the sand dunes!  Very cool!

June 23 started the week of Boy Scout resident camp at Heritage Reservation and also the session that I took my younger son to for Webelos Resident Camp.  The theme for webelos was Sword in the Stone and they had an amazing time... new this year was a larger climbing wall and pellet gun range.  We did have one emergency siren for lightening on Tuesday night... that's the evening I decided to drive around the lake to the Boy Scout side to see how everyone was doing over there...we had 10 young scouts attend camp... all just finished 5th and 6th grade this year at the same Catholic School.  The other boys from our troop are attending a different camp in July... we will see how that goes, but I believe it will just serve to increase the divide in our troop.  The younger boys had 2 leaders with them this week- the doctor and one who likes to sit and do crossword puzzles and not much else.  They also had the doctor's 2 young adult eagle scout son's who basically made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be since the medic for the camp was unable to fulfill his duties due to a head injury- so the doctor basically was on call all the time.  He sent one cub to the hospital for stitches due to a knife injury while whittling, 2 staff to the hospital when their camp vehicle went off the road and smashed into a tree (no seatbelts- so a head injury to the windshield for one of them as well), one boy with crazy medical issues even though he was cleared by his doctor to attend camp and mom was with him.  He was always running to something or other and not really around the boys too much.  However, my son had fun despite the rain and being tired.  And he said he completed 5 merit badges- environmental science, chess, archery, citizenship in the nation, and he completed art during open program time.

I actually took inventory of what he actually used in the way of clothing for a 6 night resident camp session:

scout uniform shirt, scout uniform shorts (pants without bottom of legs), cloth jacket, rain jacket, 4 t-shirts worn plus 1 used for tye-dye, 3 pair of shorts, 3 pair underwear, 1 swim shorts, 1 beach towel, 1 pair closed toe/closed heel sandels, No socks, No tennis shoes, no pj's, no jeans/pants.  I'm pretty sure that the one t-shirt, shorts, and underwear were for today's ride home only and were not worn during camp except perhaps during the final night of sleeping.  And we found out that the mesh laundry bag we used this year was a great idea as well as the gallon sized ziploc bags for his merit badge papers and boy scout handbook.

Day Camp is coming up July 8,9,10 and I just added 4 more scouts to attend with our pack.  Two are new tigers, one is a wolf who I just gave a registration form to today... and one is just late!

July also brings Girl Scout resident camp for my daughter and Conservation School for a week for her as well.  She spent this past week with Grandma and Pa since I was away with the boys.

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Sun, 07-21-2013 - 2:31pm

haha- now today, it wouldn't let me start a new post, but it would let me reply!

So, anyone go to the Jamboree?

I took my boys (ages 9 and 12) on Thursday for just the day... 4 hour drive down and 4 hour drive back, but I thought it was worth it.  I just wish I got an earlier start driving because we didn't arrive at the Jamboree until around 11am and I would have liked those extra 2 hours to look around... but at the same time, it would have been a much tougher drive being that much more tired!  My boys enjoyed trying to collect the totem pole patches, doing the screen printing at Class B's tent, talking with people- especially the Australian Contingent's leaders who gave them a patch for being so nice in their conversation.  We could have spend many days there if we tried to get in line for everything, but as it was, we just walked by most of it and saw how cool it was.  There were tons of merit badge tents.  I'm curious to hear how those worked out and how boys would get credit for the work they do.  We also got to listen to the BSA Jamboree band- very good job boys!  And everything seemed to run well enough.  We are looking forward to when my webelos scout is old enough and perhaps trying to send both of them?  If that's the case, maybe I'd go be on staff?