Magic Tricks

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Magic Tricks
Fri, 05-10-2013 - 12:47pm

I got a local barber who does magic tricks as a hobby to come to a couple cub scout meetings.  He was skeptical of the youngest boys being able to do the tricks.  I told him that it didn't matter and that they would have fun just by trying them out.  We typically have about 3-5 kids (including siblings) show up at many of the cub meetings for our pack.  Well, at the first magic meeting, I knew the one family who always comes with their son and 2 daughters was on vacation... and I knew we had just recruited 2 new Tiger cubs (finishing Kindergarten).  But I didn't expect to have 10 kids at the meeting!  We had another boy who left our pack for a different pack show back up wanting to rejoin ours (more convenient for his adults), and the one who just rejoined to go only to daycamp with us showed up too.  And our 2 den chiefs showed up (and skipped out on the Boy Scout meeting downstairs).

The magic guy brought a few supplies for each kid (a deck of cards, a small bag with a quarter, a penny, and several rubber bands, and a folder with some copies of how to do the tricks so they could practice).  Now- we will give him a check from the pack to cover the cost of the supplies and that was pre-approved for up to a certain amount.  And I'm going to have to think of something nice to get for him as a thank you.  

He is coming back next week to practice what we learned, and to teach 3 new tricks.  And the week after that, we will practice, then show off our new talents to the parents (who will hopefully show up!)  I don't know if that will be our end of year or if we will have a picnic or some other type of bridging.