A new chapter begins for our pack

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A new chapter begins for our pack
Wed, 11-21-2012 - 12:09pm

Last night we (I) managed to pull off a pretty wonderful Arrow of Light and Crossover Ceremony for 7 boys in our pack.  I adjusted the script and made copies and organized the practice the night before.  I (with some help from some fantastic Boy Scouts) set up the room, bridge, chairs, podium, etc for the Ceremony after I got permission from the office to do this the night before and leave it set up.  I ran around and borrowed some taper candle holders since our wooden log that usually holds them was missing in action.  I made 6-7 dozen cupcakes and set up a nice display with them with some wooden popsicle bridges and cute little signs stuck in them each saying 1 of the 12 scout words (trustworthy, loyal...), I bought the adult gifts for the leaders who were leaving and had my daughter make the cards for them (Lowe's gift cards, card was construction themed with wording such as "thanks for BUILDING great opportunities for the boys of Pack 495 through your time and service"... can't remember the exact wording but it was better than this), I spoke with the webelos parents and gave them the ideas they used for the leader thank you's (which I was going to use myself until they didn't have any ideas and I had to come up with the construction thing (one was smore's supplies with a card saying something like "we hope you have smore fun in Boy Scouting" to the one who will actually do stuff there and the other was a plant with a card saying something like "thanks for helping our boys GROW along the scouting path" to the lady who will probably not be involved in scouts.)  I also made sure the right awards were on the table for the right boys before we all started since they were messed up.  And I got there early and was last to leave.

I also spoke to the younger brother of the W1 scout who moved to Boy Scouts last night and gave him the printout of his completed requirements and explained that we would miss him.  He didn't know anything about moving to a new pack!  Mom's boyfriend was confused too.  So I don't know where that will go.

So, now, we start a new chapter in the life of our pack.  We have exactly 5 boys for sure and maybe a 6th if that one doesn't switch packs.  We will have only 3-4 registered adults with the pack.  I'm going to have to be Committee Chair while also actually doing the roll of den leader (of a combined den of all scouts).  We are going to have to create a new plan for what we want to do in meetings and we need to decide if it's possible to try again to switch the day/time of our den and pack meetings to Mondays (at the same time that we have Boy Scouts) since 4 of the 6 boys in our pack have brothers in the Boy Scout troop.  If we do that, then we only have to come once during the week rather than two days in a row.  We can also make use of the Boy Scouts from time to time if needed.  But either way, I'm glad that I'm not the one currently dealing with the lack of communication and lack of effort and lack of commitment that I was dealing with from those families and leaders who just moved out of the pack.  And at the same time, I'm a little worried for my son's Boy Scout troop with the influx of the same and another 7 very young boys.  As 2012 started, the Troop only had about a dozen boys, then an influx of 8 in March when my son's group moved up and another influx of 7 more last night and sometime in summer a new boys moved into the area and now they are right around 30 boys... a huge jump and I'm not sure the current adult leadership is prepared to deal with that, nor is the limited number of older boys who will need to work with these younger ones.  This puts them at just under 20 boys in grades 4-6... kinda crazy!

I pray that things keep working out and that my children will have positive expriences in scouts despite the crazy disparity in their experiences from lots of kids to nearly no kids in their respective groups.