Our Blue and Gold

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Our Blue and Gold
Mon, 03-18-2013 - 12:26pm

Our Blue and Gold was probably different, yet the same from many you have experienced.

It was held on March 17th in the gathering room at an Eat N Park where each person of each family was able to order just what they wanted to eat and drink.  The pack paid for the meal (around $150 plus tip).  We only had 4 cub scouts in attendance with a total of 19 people.  3 families each had a mom, dad, cub, and 2 siblings.  The 4th had mom, grandma, cub and sibling.  Three of the siblings were girls, one a younger brother, and 3 were Boy Scouts.

We arrived to a game where the name of some famous "star" was taped to our backs and we had to ask questions to figure out who our star was.  I happened to be my son's father- he was Luke and I was Darth Vader!  We then placed our orders and had our opening.  I gave some info about camps and our upcoming meeting this week.  Then it was eating time.  After eating, the Cubmaster had a little talk about the history of scouts and cubs, then gave out the *few* awards.  Each boy received his rank award and the special patch for the 60th anniversary of the Pinewood Derby that our district had ordered and I couldn't pick up last month since I was in Florida!  They will receive some arrow points and belt loops at our next gathering which will be crossover (cubmaster forgot to order the loops!)  The little boys then gave thank you gifts to cubmaster, den leaders, and den chiefs... just google the A&Wesome rootbeer tags for thank you's for den leaders- that's what we did.  Another boy gave out chocolate covered oreos to each kid just for fun.  Then the cubmaster's wife who is our other den leader had made a cute "blastoff game" where she had 4 paper rockets cut out with sticky blue tape on the back and a large blue paper with flames and spaces marked.  Each family was a team.  Trivia questions were asked and if the cub answered by himself, they got 2 points and if they if the cub needed family help, he got 1 point and the rocket was moved accordingly higher.  First family to blast off won!  We all ended up winning in the same round!  Cute game.  I helped cut and serve our blue and gold cake while the game was going on and then we all left.

Nobody stayed to clean up (haha)... not exactly... we did pile our dirty dishes nicely and take away our decorations and such.

Honestly, it was rather nice.  And the kids and families all had fun.  I really didn't care too much exactly what was happening, because someone else planned most of it!!!  I only got the cake and did the rootbeer thank you's and got the derby patches.


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Tue, 03-19-2013 - 7:17pm

It sounds like a good time to me.  Little work for you and a chance to be a parent at an event!  Can it get any better?

Our B & G was Thursday.  By the time I was finished serving and sat down to eat people other people were done and coming to our table to ask questions...seriously.  Unless someone else volunteers to run B&G next year I am cutting out the dinner and going back to a Sunday afternoon cake reception.