popcorn frustration

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popcorn frustration
Wed, 10-24-2012 - 11:05am

Our cub scout popcorn lady never really did tell us when popcorn stuff was due.  So, I guessed and told everyone to bring it to the one pack meeting.  She showed up and told them to all take it back home and she gave them papers with a password and code and told them they all had to enter it themselves by the end of the weekend.  (I had found out through a paper and through roundtable that troop/pack lockout for entering orders was Monday at midnight).

So, my older son missed his Boy Scout meeting which was the day before the Pack meeting.  He e-mailed the leader to tell him he was attending another troop's meeting with me to help with the map/compass instruction and asked what he would be missing.  He got no reply.  So, he asked his friend who was the leader's son about popcorn due date and what he missed... no idea about popcorn... so he called the house twice and left messages... no reply.  So, we ran into the scoutmaster at church Sunday morning (the day before the Monday night midnight lockout) and I asked him how he wanted me to get him the popcorn info so it would be entered.  He assured me that I had the dates wrong and that they had at least a week, but probably two weeks left until he had to get orders in.  Just as he was saying that, another scoutmaster for a different group came up behind him and overheard the conversation and seconded the notion that they had about 2 weeks left.  I assumed I had gotten wrong info or maybe because both of them are involved at the district level that they could get access after our deadline.  So, I came home and checked my paper and the roundtable notes and it had Monday the 22nd as the absolute deadline and you would get no popcorn if you tried to order after that time... no exceptions.  I e-mailed the scoutmaster again with this info and urged him to find out for sure.  We got no communication from him.  However at the meeting Monday night, he told the boys that if they had popcorn orders to turn in, they had to do it right then or as soon as they got home from scouts because he had til midnight.

He didn't say anything to me about it at all.  I wonder what the other scoutmaster ended up doing- if he found out about the true deadline or not?


Oh, and the leaders are now telling the newer boys that they need to get their books signed off for requirements completed at summer camp (in June) before they forget what they did.  As far as I'm concerned, they probably didn't even realize the scope of stuff they did that met requirements because they are still trying to find stuff in their books and keep track of all the other stuff they are moving onto now.