Re: Jen's post about popcorn frustration

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Re: Jen's post about popcorn frustration
Thu, 10-25-2012 - 4:51pm

I find popcorn to be frustrating every single year.  Our stuff is all due this weekend. 

We've been through 2 summer camps so far and there is no doubt that the boys miss getting things signed off on even when they are told to do it.  The learning curve is huge when it comes to using the handbook and then adding in merit badges. 

Our latest troop email said that the December campout won't count as polar bear because there will be a building available for the boys.  Kinda odd that the last 2 years the same campout counted as long as the boys slept outside.  I'm curious if the ski weekend in Feb will end up not counting too since the kids have access to the lodge while they are skiing...