Recruitment Night

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Recruitment Night
Thu, 09-13-2012 - 2:10pm

Tuesday night was recruitment night.  We had 4 packs represented (each had a table to display stuff).  We started by having a few leaders take the kids outside for an activity while each pack presented 2 pages of the 8 that council has set up as what we need to present to the interested families.  (How scouts is set up, what you need to do, advancement, uniforms, fundraising...)  Then each pack took about 1 minute to "sell" itself.  Then we handed out the registration forms and let them browse at the tables with their boys.  Our table had 1 dad/kid come over and get info (out of the 11 who showed up) to recruitment night.  He decided to go with a different pack.  So, the other lady from our pack, who I actually persuaded to come help me at recruitment night, and I went to talk to some of the other packs and see where they stand now.


The pack that is chartered by the Fire Department, but meets at the elementary school has 50-60 kids enrolled before recruitment.  They actually have a wolf den with 20 kids (and they are not going to split it).  Their adults were not interested in talking about their pack to me- just kind of giving me vague answers to my questions and looking "far off" into the distance.


The pack that is 2 blocks away from us has reasonable size dens.  They have a "career" scouter as cubmaster who pretty much runs the show since his eagle scout boys are grown men with kids of their own.  Every time I have worked with him, I get "vibes" for lack of a better word that tells me I don't want to work with him.  I just don't think it would be a good thing at all for me personally.  I didn't try to learn too much about their pack because I know that I won't switch to them if we don't continue.


The pack that's furthest out- chartered to a church/meets at same church and is right on the edge between 2 school districts which isn't far away... we talked to them the most.  They have dens like we do- 2-4 kids per level.  The man who was there is their cubmaster- (and the scoutmaster for the older boys who meet the same night.)  The lady, I found out is his wife.  She is the committee chair on paper and does that position, but she also runs ALL the dens simultaneously for den meetings.  She has parents registered "on paper" saying they are the den leaders for the dens- and they even do the training- but they do not lead anything.  This lady starts with a combined opening and talks about whatever she has chosen as the theme.  Then she has a table for each level and they go to their respective tables.  Whichever parent is first to arrive for each level is assigned to work with that group that night, then they have the kids do whatever that lady has determined is their requirements for that topic.  Or sometimes, she has them all do a belt loop.  They also have some of their boy scouts not go to the scout meeting, but instead come to the cub room and work with them as den chiefs.  This husband/wife team that run scouts at their church also are "career" scouters with grown boys and no others at home.


Finding out all of this kind of makes me frustrated.  Since learning more about how a Cub program is supposed to be set up and facilitated.  I know that general people make it work for what they have to work with, but this is kind of rediculous.  The "way it should be" is not working for us at all either.


So, the new lady from our scout council came strolling in at the end of the recruitment night to collect forms/money.  And she decided that we had to do another recruitment for my pack and the other one that was further away (because they only got 2 scouts).  So, round 2 will be in October.

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Tue, 09-18-2012 - 12:16pm
It doesn't look like you are getting ahead by moving. It's just a change. I guess would the change be better for you than what you are dealing with now?

I'm getting to the point that I actively dislike Round-Up. It seems like we keep picking up boys without getting the kind of parental help we need. I know that doesn't sound right because we do get help. It's just that the help has more to do with aiding at an event vs. setting up and running. I need some planners and preparers.