Sean's first B&G

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Sean's first B&G
Wed, 02-27-2008 - 12:32pm

Well, it's been about 2 weeks since our B&G, but I still thought I'd share. I had no part in the planning or anything...I was just a parent with a great son that day. Tigers had to take a fruit dish to share and each level had something else to bring. The pack provided chicken fingers and fried chicken, rolls, drinks. They had a cake decorating contest with the theme of building leaders of tomorrow or something like that. Sean and I made an angel food cake in 2 loaf pans then cut each of those in half to end up with 4 blocks (and he added blue food coloring so the cake was actually blue). The 4 blocks were decorated to look like the 4 patches that the boys earn...bobcat, tiger, bear, wolf, and he had some toy trucks that were bringing in the blue and orange sanding sugars and dumping them on and another truck lifting up some piece onto the cake. He only got 2 votes...mine and his, (but I'm not telling him that). The two that tied for first (I knew they tied because I was seated at the back and I saw them flip a coin) were decorated like a contruction site. One was a dirt cake with the cookie crumbs and whipped cream, and the other was a brownie cake. Both by older scouts who trolled for people to put tickets into their bags so they would win.

Anyway, the whole thing seemed a bit slow in getting started. But the food was good. I don't know if each group did something, but our Tigers did a skit where the first 4 came across the front and took their cup and dipped it in a big pot and said something like "This campfire coffee (tea, cider, hot chocolate) tastes terrible (horrible...)" and the 5th boy comes across and puts his hand in and pulls out a pair of socks and says "I thought this would get them clean!" Everyone laughed. Our den was the only den (I was told) to have all of it's members make rank by that date. So, they all got their Tiger badges. Sean also got 3 beltloops because he went to the Mall Event...(Mama Bee- take note...this one was really cool too...I didn't even know until recently that the boys had their day there too!) He earned Chess, Art, and Geology beltloops.

The only really bad thing that happened was at the very beginning...the boys were painting on cheap plastic construction hats with those brushes with the paint in the know, the no mess kind. Well, this one Tiger (and it could only be him because it's always him!!!) took the red one and as he tried to open the cap, the whole thing exploded. And when I mean it exploded, their were splatters on the floor for over 30feet and clear to the wall on the other side. His face looked like he stepped on a bomb. His shirt... I'm not even going there. But yet, nobody was really surprised! His parents used to say it was humbling for them to experience these they just expect it!

Anyway, it was mostly really great, or so I thought anyway!


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Wed, 02-27-2008 - 3:02pm

Jen - when they do the cake contest - does every child bring a cake and all decorating supplies? Do you decorate at home? Do you raffle the cakes, donate, take them back home, use them for dessert???

Too cute that he didn't realize his votes were just the two of you:)

LOVE the beltloop program.

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Wed, 02-27-2008 - 5:03pm
His cake sounds really creative!
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Thu, 02-28-2008 - 12:42pm

For the cake contest, they gave us the theme and it was optional, but like the pinewood cars, they recommended the boys have a big hand in creating and making the cake. It's optional, so they ended up with 14 of them. Each person attending the B&G got a ticket to put in a paper bag with a number that matched one of the cakes. They were used for dessert.

As for beltloops, I've never been to the store, so I didn't realize they cost a lot. I think they are nice because there's no sewing!