So my D enjoyed his kayaking class & J is at scout camp

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So my D enjoyed his kayaking class & J is at scout camp
Fri, 08-02-2013 - 3:01pm

D is willing to kayak some more, but he does not want to repeat the County Park Camp again.  I think some of the issue is that he went without knowing anyone.   Tonight is the last day.  It ends with parents' night tonight. 

We went out to scout camp last night for J's family night.  I took the meal since J was attending with a provisional group and no one planned a parents' night for them.  It cost us a chunk of change, but it was appreciated and sure beats cooking Chef Boyardee Ravioli at the campsite and eating canned fruit for the side. 

DH has enjoyed camping with the provisional group.  There are only 9 boys / 5 adults with the unit.  J's regular unit has taken around 70 people to camp.  DH said it has been nice to be able to attend the scoutmaster meetings and to see what the adult in charge has to do at camp. 

J finished three merit badges this week.  He has 2 more he has been working on that just need wrapped up.  He finished one in July.  He's working his way through the list he made of merit badges he wants to complete this summer :)  It's so easy to get one started and then get tied up and bogged down with other things.