Unsure if this is what I wanted or not!

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Unsure if this is what I wanted or not!
Wed, 04-17-2013 - 3:24pm

Well, last night at cub recruitment, we had about 20 kids come to see about the 4 packs in our area.  We had 2 who wanted to join our group- one mom recognized our cubmaster who is a pediatrician and she was also holding a 1 month old baby boy.  And then that kid's friend.  Both are currently Kindergarten.  So, as soon as our current boys bridge up, we will have 2 Tigers, 1 Bear, 3 Web 1's, 1 Web 2.  I also had contact with 2 families who have left our group.  One mom wants to sign her kid up for Day Camp only with us, but not commit to the scout year next year.  Another wants to rejoin our pack- he would be a Bear as well.  And I have high hopes for another boy who left to come back- he will for Day Camp, but his family may be moving at the end of July (military), so I can't count on him to be there beyond that... he would be a Bear at the end of this school year as well.

So, Day Camp will bring:

2 Tigers

3 Bears

2 of the Web 1's

maybe a Web 2- we haven't heard from his family for 2 months about anything.