Update on scouts & a bot with the family

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Update on scouts & a bot with the family
Thu, 02-28-2013 - 11:30am

I'm logged in!  Fingers crossed we will be reading this as a post.

Blue & Gold is rapidly approaching. 


         None of the tigers have finished rank.  HOW is that possile? It's been a year. 

         Few of the wolves have finished rank. The den leader is struggling with the kids finishing anything at home. 

         The Bears are doing ok.  Some of the new boys are not finished...some thing about not completing stuff at home when they miss a meeting.

         Tigers do not have a skit or song picked out for Blue & Gold.

         Not enough parents have volunteered to help at the event.  Seriously getting very old.


         My den has a cute skit.

         The guy presenting friends of scouting is reliable and does a decent job.

         One of the grandmas is making the dinner salad. 

         DH is supposed to be presented with his woodbadge beads!

I've started working on the Council NCAP Committee.  I'm putting together the evaluation form for the day camps.  I'm not sure how it is going to work because every day camp has a different director / location. 

Day Camp planning has been frustrating.  Every time we think we have someone in place for staff it bites the dust.  I feel stressed about finding staff & I really want to just bury my head. 

The District DE resigned.  He was just hired last summer.  This is insane.  The one before him is still a Council employee, but he was only the DE of our district for less than a year.  The one before him was less than a year.  By the time they know what is going on they are gone. 

J's troop just had their big planning meeting for the PLC.  J's all excited that a few of his ideas were put on the calendar.  Typically he goes in with a bunch of ideas and then he gets voted down when he suggests them. I hope this is a good sign for him being thought of in a good light.  His Court of Honor is next week.  He's all excited because they decided to have a sundae bar after the awards and slide show.  He's finally finishing up the Scouting Heritage Merit Badge.  His presentation to the Troop is Mar 11.  He has one interview left to do.  It's scheduled.  He should be able to meet with his counselor by mid month.  He's getting ready to start Citizenship in the Nation.  I'm hoping he will work on the bulk of it over Spring Break and get it out of the way.  The requirements don't look that hard for him if he just digs in.  I guess it just depends on if he can drag himself away from video games & being lazy :)

The kids have been doing great in school.  D has been participating in after school chess, after school Spanish, before school choir, and before school jump rope.  He had baseball try-outs on Tuesday.  J is after school for chess, the writing team, and the academic team.  The Jazz Band has had several performances over the past few weeks.  The regular band class is preparing students for solo and ensemble in April.  J is also completing the application packet to join the 8th grade tv station.  To all of that add in that J & D's TKD team is getting ready for the state competition in March.  The TKD has added 2 more hours of practice a week.  It's insane around here.  I know DH wants to play golf once the weather breaks, but I'm dreading the thought of evenings when he is not going to be available to help with all of the running! 


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That's a great update... you've got a lot going on and it seems as if your kids are mostly having fun- even if you are being inundated!

Our Blue and Gold is this Sunday- we are going to Eat N Park in a town about a half an hour away.  Don't ask!  Each family is buying their own dinner (3-4:30? so I guess you would call it dinner?)  I still don't know if all 5 kids are attending!  The order for badges was put in today (Wednesday) and we hope they arrive by mail by Saturday!  I'm not sure who is getting the cake- it might be me.  I'm not sure what the kids will do while we wait for the dinner.  I don't care what the cubmaster ends up saying.  He said he would plan something.  No kids are planned to do anything- no skits, no song, no show what you've done... nothing.

Our one bear is just getting his badge with whatever he has done- he's now in placement again- away from his family due to psychiatric issues.  I don't know if he will be able to come or not- he was at church this weekend.  If our one Webelos scout shows up- I don't have anything he has earned.  He hasn't been to a meeting in a long time and for several of the ones he did come to, we really didn't work on webelos stuff.  I told his mom what she could do with him at home... there's been no word that they did anything.  He's been a webelos for a year now and not even done most of what is needed for the webelos badge.  But soon we will have the bears move up and they can all do stuff together.

The deadline to register for resident camp is coming soon.  I don't know which, if any, cubs will go.  Ian wants to go, so I'm sure we will.  The best days would be the week that our Boy Scouts are there, but he wants his older brother to come as den chief again.  I'll have to see if we can work that out.  For the scout level, they had 13 spots reserved and it turns out that 15 kids want to go.  When the one leader called to add a few spaces, camp was pretty close to full, but not full.  When the guy got around to calling back, camp was past it's limits.  It all has to do with the dining hall space.  I guess we are going to have 2 eighteen year olds at camp for a few days as well and they are just going to make subway or supermarket runs for food.  But the fact remains that our troop will have to determine a way to weed out 2 kids who want to go to camp if there are no cancelations on the early bird reserved spots.  Ours are the first 2 on the list... so we may get lucky.

I'm not worried about Day Camp- the lady who is in charge last year is doing it again... it's council sponsored so it's kinda the same across the board... 3 days... monday and tuesday 9-3 and wednesday 1-7.

Boy Scouts- they just finished the First Aide meet (see other post).  They also recently went to the Pittsburgh Aviary for a bird merit badge and just need to complete the bird habitat thing and show proof.  They are working on swimming merit badge tonight and next wednesday.  We are planning scouting for food- and adjusting the streets that the troop and pack will cover- there's no way the 5 little cubs could cover what the pack has in the past.  They are doing pre-hikes in prep for Ohiopyle and that's only about 5-6 scouts.  I guess the rest are doing something with bikes the same day in a location not too far from there and the doctor (assistant leader) is mad that the other leaders doing the hike aren't going to help the biking crew by taking bikes... but the fact is that the hike is a high adventure type of thing... 7 miles in, carry everything including water, cook dinner, sleep in adirondak shelter, cold breakfast, and hike the 7 miles out... if they don't get going in by a certain time, they won't get to their spot before dark.  They feel if they mess around with getting the other guys to their bike spot, they will have to hurry the younger hiking boys and it won't be a good experience.  I agree with the hiking leaders.  This is a trip that they have done for several years in a row and it's tough.  They should not be preoccupied with any other activities.  The biking came about because the committee chair said they could take the non-hiking guys on a local hike the same day so they could do something (my  thought was leave them at home).  Then the doctor said they could all go to ohiopyle and just hike a little and hang out and camp... then he came up with the idea of biking- and there's really no prep work behind this... he kinda flies by the seat of his pants.  I'm really glad that my son changed his mind.  I feel bad he is missing biking, but I'm glad he is doing what the troop has traditionally done.

The troop is finally doing the camp promotion talk next week- I begged the scoutmaster to get it in- so they and the pack can qualify for the $50 credit for camping.  It only makes sense.  I told him to notify the council camp lady when we are doing it and I think I'm going to follow up to see if he really did it.  I have no idea when he is doing the friends of scouting talk... we should do that together too... we have 3 families who are both cubs and scouts... so that leaves only 2 we need to "invite" and if they don't show up like they often do not... oh well... it's done.

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Actually, it sounds like the troop has a lot going on with all of the different merit badges they are working on.  It's too bad that confusion has to go along with the good things that are happening.  :(

FIngers crossed that a few of the Cubs go to camp with you.  Most of the time it is much more fun if there are some other kids there that you know.   We are overlapping camp for J and D.  It would have been nice to have J attend with D as a den chief, but our summer is so hectic & vacation time is limited as is. 

I hope they got the Council Rep to come in for the credit.  That's a great opportunity to earn 50.00. 

I'll check out your B & G post :)


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Well, I think Ian's going to camp with just me- during the same time Sean is on the other side of the lake. Nobody else wanted to go from the cubs (too expensive, or just plain no response from the family like usual). I'm not worried. Sean is happy that I'll be able to visit mid-week twice (and take home some stuff for him. Ian is ok with making other friends at camp... he just wants to have fun (and not miss other things in the summer like the last day of day camp and several days of VBS which other camp sessions would cut into). For the camp promotion- the council rep gave me a packet and said I could do the promotion talk. It had everything I needed and she was sure I would do a good job since I've been there and I pay attention to all the little things for paperwork, scheduling, ... So, I gave the talk to the pack and troop and all families were invited. No parents stayed from the boy scout troop except those who normally stay as leaders and who have all been to camp before. One mom from cubs and her younger son were there (and he won't go). None of the other cubs showed up for that, but one did show up late to our meeting where we worked on geology belt loop. She then told me that since all the rest of the cubs would be webelos that she will take her son to a closer to home pack after our summer activities like day camp... that will leave me without a cubmaster and the mom as another leader who is also our treasurer. And we will have 4 boys (all webelos). I wonder if we will have permission to keep together and move to the troop level or if we will be forced to join a new pack for our final year? I've got invitations from other leaders to join them for things they schedule. So, we will have to see. What would be perfect is if another of the 3rd grade classmates would join now at the end of the year and do all the webelos stuff with us. That would assure 5 kids on the roster when we recharter... I only need to recharter 1 more time. And I bet that I might even be able to talk the one scoutleader into being cubmaster for us... he was cubmaster when Sean was little... and he wouldn't really have to do much. Now I'm just rambling because my brain is trying to make things good for my youngest (who seems to be really enjoying scouts lately- he likes the small group... it works well for him). -Jen