Weekend and Scouts

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Weekend and Scouts
Mon, 09-24-2012 - 12:24pm

Saturday was the Pack Hike.  We had 12 scouts there.  Some came with their families.  We walked 3 miles on a bike / hike trail.  It was a nice afternoon to get out and about.  The coordinator went over the hiking belt loop requirements with the boys.

Sunday was the Popcorn Kick-Off.  10 boys showed.  A few families had let me know they would not be there, but that sure does not cover the rest of the boys.  The event wasn't promoted much, but it was in the newsletter and had email reminders sent out.  We had a station for the parents to discuss changes and to taste test the new product & then a Q & A.  The boys talked about safety, manners, etc. I was in charge of games. 


  • 1. guess how many kernals of corn
  • 2. using a straw blow an unpopped kernal to the end of the table.  We had two tables the boys (4) lined up beside and raced to the end.  The cafeteria where we met also had a long row of tables set up.  The boys ended up racing the kernal to the end of 8 tables.  The kernal had to jump the crevice.  If it fell they had to start again.
  • 3. spoon race with a popped corn to the cup and leave it.  We had teams for this one.
  • 4. with a partner you flick a piece of popcorn toward your partner.  Your partner catches the popcorn in a cup. 

The last thing was snack.  We had bags of popcorn and drinks. 

I'm not sure if it was the Council or the popcorn company, but we had a remote control car prize to give out.  We had a drawing for it.