Artist & Engineering Ideas

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Artist & Engineering Ideas
Fri, 05-03-2013 - 9:29am

I'm working on day camp activities. 

Art - Construction - Tin can "potato head"  We are going to use the rolls of peel and stick magnet & lighter weight items to keep the cost down.  I'm tossing around making this a multi use pencil holder or maybe making it a planter with grass "hair".

Engineer - Craft Stick catapult -  J's group made a cooler one a few years back, but it took some parental help.  D was able to put this one together on his own.

Artist - scult clay - Clay Owl -  I made a sample with salt dough & shoved a paper clip in the back for a hook.  It worked out really well & it looks so darn tacky cute with paint & googly eyes.

Artisit - frame or mount a picture - Standing popsicle stick frame -

Engineer - build a bridge - marshmallow & toothpick bridge - I really like this because it also has a testing section -