Boy killed

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Boy killed
Tue, 11-06-2012 - 8:59am

I think it may have made news out of the area that a 12 year old boy (6th grade) was killed by a train Friday night this past week.  He and some friends were playing on/near the tracks (where they were not allowed to be) and he raced the train and tried to cross in front of it (which he has done before).  Well, this time the engineer saw him and blew the whistle as a warning and he crossed anyway and was clipped by the train and as I understand it died from blunt force trauma to the head.  His friends witnessed the event.

This boy was in my cub scout den as a tiger and wolf before sports took over in his life.  His older brother had also been in cub scouts and moved up to boy scouts but also quit.  Last night, the funeral service was being held at the same time as our scout meeting and many of the kids didn't know these boys although some did.  So, they held a short "rememberance" of their own at the scout meeting and a moment of silence.

I have very mixed emotions surrounding his tragic accident.  I feel very sorry that this happened to him, but I also want to just tell him that he deserved it for being so stupid.  I feel sad that the parents (whom I know both of) lost a son and I feel angry that they have let him run amok for years without supervision while they "get on" with their divorced lives and new girlfriends/boyfriends and blame each other for the problems their kids have been causing.  I want to think "survival of the fittest" and at the same time, I know this kid also had a lot of potential and did great in sports and making friends even though he wasn't great in school.  I feel that I must be wrong for some reason to have both sets of feelings at the same time.  But mostly, I feel sad to have had to tell my own children about the accident and to know the exact spot where it happened and that we will be nearby many times in the future.  And right on the heels of this terrible accident was the boy killed by the wild dogs at the zoo... another terrible accident that shouldn't have happened.  And that was a parent making a stupid decision to sit her child on a ledge that high... she will never be able to get over that- but then that nobody else tried to jump in and help the child... they all feel helpless rather than empowered to take action.  Is our whole society becoming more and more stupid?

Read my post in Girl Scouts for the next installment of why I think we are becoming more stupid and why I am so conflicted.  And this one directly involved a child of mine.