March 1-15

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March 1-15
Mon, 02-28-2011 - 2:24pm

What are your plans for the first half of the month?

5th - District Pinewood Derby

7th - D's den meeting (prepare for Blue & Gold) J's first Court of Honor

9th - Roundtable

10th -13th - camp training

13th - collect WRC payments

14th - J has Scouts

I'll be working on Blue & Gold prep

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Thu, 03-10-2011 - 12:13pm
Uh- be busy- it's taken me till the 10th to get on here and we've mostly delivered cookies, had booths, got more cookies, counted hundreds of dollars over and over again to be sure, delivered more cookies... you get the idea!

Also had a great committee meeting for the pack the other night.

Still to come-GS mall event all day Saturday (the 99th b-day of GS)- my troop has a table and there's a powderpuff derby and some other fun stuff.

Monday is back to quilting.
Tuesday is pack meeting- tigers are getting tiger badges!
Also collecting money and names for resident camp.
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Thu, 03-10-2011 - 12:25pm
We had the Cadette's spend the night Friday night. We did three badges- the two cooking/food related badges and then DH helped us do our Car Sense IP. Too bad it was so darn cold out there! Now the girls are planning and presenting badges on their own to the troop. Should be interesting. We start our cookie booths on 3/19, and we are still collecting from door to door sales for a couple more days.

The cubs have their webelos cross over on Thursday. That's always exciting for the younger boys to see, so DH will take Donovan because Hannah has a music concert at school. Otherwise, the den is having a meeting on the 24th and they are having their den party to celebrate good behavior on 3/28, which also happens to be our GS meeting, so DH will have to take D to that one too.