PTA drama again

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PTA drama again
Wed, 09-19-2012 - 9:15am

It's every single year.  I stepped way far away last year because I was unhappy with the drama and just way too busy with scouting, taking care of my mom, and just family life in general.  I just helped without planning or needing to be at lots of meetings. 

This year I agreed to go back to helping on a few committees.  Guess what? Same thing, different people.  It's crazy how difficult it is for people to get along. 

The good thing is that nothing was directed at me. 

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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 2:26pm
I think that must be at most schools like that... you've got people who think their way is the only way, people who feel left out, people who won't do anything but will criticize what everyone else does accomplish, people who do good stuff but feel unrecognized or unappreciated, and people who just want what's good for the kids and school and don't care about anything else. Our school is like this too- and we've got a pretty small school. I can't imagine what it would be like if I were still back at the public school- CRAZY for sure! I help out with lots of stuff and volunteer my time so I'm around a lot- but I will not be "in charge" of anything there. I think it's a good compromise since I feel scouts is important and I spend lots of time there.
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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 6:39pm
I know what you mean. I felt like these women never grew out of that "high school" mentality. I had volunteered here and there when my kids were little and chaired a group, but when some people came in and stepped on my toes. I told them feel free to do as you wish, I was just here for the kids, but if you can do it better, have at it!

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