Traveling the World... revisited

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Traveling the World... revisited
Tue, 04-09-2013 - 2:55pm

Last night I took 5 of my scouts to another church where a different group of Girl Scouts meets.  They were the ones who arrived too late to travel around the world the first time we did it, so we took it to them.  They also invited the brownies and the cubs who meet the same location on opposite monday nights, but offered to them to come anyway... and any siblings were welcome.  It turned out we had about 10 kids on the girls side and about 10 kids on the boys side, so we made $2 per kid which paid for the supplies (which we didn't break even on the first time around with so few kids who showed up.)

My girls were quite busy since each had to monitor 2 countries.  The kids and families all seemed to have a great time.  I am so happy that we got to do this... it made the girls feel like their time was worth it and it made the money to cover what we spent on the project.

Towards the end, the assistant leader (who arranged this with me) told me that they probably wouldn't be a troop next year because since these 2 ladies took the troop from the previous leader who quit last year, they felt it was too much work and the girls weren't having much fun...but her daughter didn't want to quit so could she join my troop?  She would be an incoming cadette in 6th grade next year.  My youngest right now is a younger sister in 6th grade.  I don't think I'd mind more of the same age but I don't want to go younger, and we also have all Catholic girls in the troop, so we often do religious emblem stuff.  I wonder if I can find another troop that's not far (but not in my Service Unit- because there would be none) that is her age level.

Sometimes, I feel like I am solving so many of other peoples problems.  Where's the council staff?  [Just like I got problems for cubs... where's the council staff to help me there?]

Oh- and the rain all held off so we could carry our supplies into and out of the event... Thank you nice weather!


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Wed, 04-10-2013 - 4:20pm

That's great that you were able to do the activity again and that it was worthwhile.

I have the same issue with our Council.  I was able to place 3 girls in troops this fall.  They all had their info sent to the Council for them to find a troop, but none of them had been called by the Council by October when I just took things into my own hands and did it myself.  The council person who comes to our service unit meetings was still talking about a list of girls she needed to place in November and December.  I think it's disappointing to start into a troop halfway into the year when the girl has missed quite a few things.  I think they should make it a higher priority to just get it done.

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Thu, 04-11-2013 - 12:58pm
I'm glad the program worked out well for the girls. :) I'm sad to hear that there isn't a single troop in the service unit that covers that girl's age, but I wouldn;t feel bad enough about it to take another girl in the wrong age for my troop because her parent feels it is too much work. That takes some nerve to ask you to do it for her. Maybe she should think about doing scouting on her own and asking if she tag-a-long with you for special funtions.