Trying to post again...

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Trying to post again...
Wed, 12-19-2012 - 9:09am

None of my responses are showing up & that is IF I can get logged in and even get the screen for a response to open. 

I've emeailed Jen, but I don't have Becky's contact info.  It looks like we are it anyway....

Jen - My heart is so sad about what happened at Sandy Hook.  :(

Becky - I'm glad you got your troop assignment.  I hope the transition is smooth and that running the Brownie program brings you and your daughter closer :)

We had out big Cub Academy this past weekend.  Most of the sessions turned out nice.  We had a hiccup when one of the leaders had to leave before her session because her son broke his foot at a wrestling tournament & the dad was out of town coaching the HS.  We had the supplies, but she didn't have a written plan to hand the parents who stepped up to cover the class.  They said it turned out ok, but that they know they didn't do a great job.

Over half of the boys have their fees paid for recharter.  About 2/3 of the boys have their med forms up to date.  It makes me crazy dealing with this stuff. 

D's den had their Christmas Party on Monday.  We had a mom do a Christmas ornament with the boys.  It turned out cute.  One of the dad's had pin the tail on the donkey.  I had a Christmas themed bean bag toss in the bowl.  Another mom brought tissue paper for a "snow ball fight".  The boys watched the reading of "The Grinch" video and had dinner.  We finished with the gift exchange.  It was like hot potato.  Of course the only incident was when one of the boys threw the "hot potato" which was a wrapped hard bound book.  The book hit my D's wrist.  He ended up with a bruise.  ugh.  D was in tears because he was so ticked that the new boy played that way and that his wrist was hurt.  Bad way to end the party for D.    I need to mention a complaint...I was late arriving & so was my co-leader.  One of the moms brought her 2nd grader to the party and left him there with his brother.  Her reasoning was that his den didn't have a Christmas party and that it wasn't fair for him to miss out. 


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Thu, 12-20-2012 - 9:19am

Sounds like things turned out well.    I can see how an extra tagalong could be very frustrating, especially since each Den is very different.  UGH!

By the way, my e-mail is l ea d e r t h i n gs @ sbc global . net

(just remove the spaces -- otherwise I get more spam than necessary).

I can see why we are the only ones posting!  It's a pain.   If I weren't a long standing member, I would have given up long ago on this.

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Fri, 12-21-2012 - 2:53pm

Yes- I would have been frustrated with the extra, but also with the den leader of the other den... the den leaders need to all kinda be on the same page and keep in mind what's going on with others.  Also- this parent could have suggested putting on a little party for their other den.  But as the world turns- I'd just forget about it.  I have "extras" at pretty much everything.  I preface each thing like this  "ok- this activity is just for the 3rd graders in the den but the next thing is for everyone"  or  "everyone can have a cookie and candycane, but only the cub scouts can have a wrapped gift".  It works for us and then the kids know ahead of time that some things are for them and others are not.  

And yes- it's a pain here to make a post or even to read them, but it seems like it's getting a tiny bit easier?  I would have been long gone too if I wasn't in need of support and have been able to get it from here for 13 years.  We have probably lost lots of people that may never check back since it's been so long.