Art to Wear Tshirts

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Art to Wear Tshirts
Wed, 04-30-2003 - 1:31am
Hi....I am planning on doing Art to Wear and I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with tye dying? And do you have any links to good instructions! ;)



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Wed, 04-30-2003 - 8:58am
I don't know if they are still available, but once we used these cords that come pre-soaked with dye. Take a red string, tie a knot around a section of shirt, use a different color for the next knot, etc. Then you dip the shirt in hot water, then you untie all the cords and get an awesome multicolor shirt. MUCH easier than dealing with traditional dye.

Maybe you could check your craft store to see if they still sell such a product. I think we ordered our from a craft supplier (wholesaler) for summer camp.


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Wed, 04-30-2003 - 9:51am
When we did ours I bought TyeDie kits at Walmart..

One box did 16 girl shirts and 2 leader shirts and we

had dye left over.... The kit was around $10.......

Shirts turned out really cute!!


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Wed, 04-30-2003 - 10:34am
Here's what we do. It's easier than tie-dye and the girls love it. We're Jrs., thus the reason for green paint...

We used Jade Green and Pretty Pink paint.

HINTS: Make sure to paint as much white as possible. You will still have white on the shirt after you cut the rubber bands.

Rubber band as much of the shirt as you can. Make sure to do one layer when gathering on front and back. Make sure to get some gathering around neckline and on sleeves.

If you still think you have too much white after you cut the rubber bands, lightly squirt your spray bottle over your shirt so that it looks paint-splattered.

I figured 2 shirts out of one recipe below. When using 2 colors of paint, I think we got 4 shirts using one recipe.


*Pre-washed T-shirts (do not use fabric softener)

*Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint 2oz

*Delta Ceramcoat Textile Medium 2 oz

*16oz. Spray Bottle

*Rubber Bands

*Cardboard Boxes

*Disposable Gloves



1. Prepare by mixing 1 bottle of Aleene's Enhancer Textile Medium with 1 bottle of Aleene's Premium Coat Acrylic Paint in spray bottle. Add water to 14 oz. mark on bottle. Shake thoroughly.

2. Gather project in sections and bind with rubber bands.

3. Wearing disposable gloves, lay project in cardboard box. Spray entire project with paint. When changing colors, use a different box so colors won't "muddy" the project.

4. Cut rubber bands. Hang project to dry. Wash separately when laundering.

5. Let dry for 7 days.

6. Heat-set paint; turn garment inside out, place a cloth over painted area, and press firm with iron for 20 seconds (move iron slightly to prevent scorching).

Washing instructions: Paint must be heat-set. Machine wash and air dry.

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Wed, 04-30-2003 - 12:34pm
This is exactly what we did (we tie-dyed tote bags tho). And they turned out great.


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Wed, 04-30-2003 - 12:39pm
Some questions....what kind of paint and medium is this? Is it something you get like at Walmart or somewhere?

I'm thinking of the following craft and am thinking your paint solution might work great.

We're going to the beach at the end of the year and I'm going to have each girl paint a towel while we're there. They are going to create a picture (or write their names..not sure yet) with masking tape, spay paint around the masking tape and when they remove the masking tape, viola a picture in white with a few colors sprayed around it.

What do you think?


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Thu, 05-01-2003 - 9:25am
Sounds good! The Textile Medium, I believe is also Ceramcoat, is a white-ish liquid that you mix with the paint and it's sold on the same aisle as the paint. I get it at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.
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Thu, 05-01-2003 - 8:31pm
Have you tried sun painting? Try this link:

It'll give you a pretty good overview of the technique. I'm going to give it a try to make our troop t-shirts.

Good luck!