Back to square one! Dejavu!!

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Back to square one! Dejavu!!
Mon, 11-05-2012 - 4:50pm

We went to the council shop today to purchase Junior stuff and luckily the coordinator was there.

Apparently the 4th grade girls she was going to have us be leaders to, have all been placed in a troop.

So...back to square one.     She is going to see about girls in our school to see if there are any troops that need leaders. 

I actually signed up to be a leader when Carolyn WAS still in Scouts and basically something similar happened -- I pretty much sent in my information, said "Hey, I can help" and never heard anything back.

This person did seem geniune that she would find us a troop.   LOL!    She told us we would have one by December.   I'm not so sure I will believe that but we shall see.

We would actually love to work with Daisy's/Brownies since they don't have a lot of Scouting experience yet -- we would know where to start vs. trying to come into a troop mid way who already have done some stuff and you don't know where they are at, what their plans were, etc...  (although the 4th graders we were to have, were all brand new to scouting).

I'm glad we didn't buy anything.   :)    We had already been looking at stuff via the library but now we are just in a never never land cycle.   She did say we needed to recruit another volunteer (which I knew) but if we get our school -- getting 1 to step up "as long as I don't have to actually lead" is pretty easy....I have that with my Cub Scouts...parents love helping as long as they don't have to actually be "the leader".    LOL!

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