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Well, since you've been in Girl Scouts before- this shouldn't surprise you that they don't really have their act together!  However, I believe you are right- once you do get a group of girls, you will have no problem getting another mom or two or three who will register and agree to just be there.  That's kinda what I have going on right now as well.  I have 3 adults registered and last year it was mostly Denise and this year it's mostly Phyllis who comes as my other adult.  They don't really do anything most of the time and I'll let them know when they need to monitor a group or teach something, but now my girls are getting older- so it's mostly just for the safety factor that they are there (watch each other's backs!).

I wouldn't worry to much about reading up on Journey's and the Girl Scout program right now until you actually have a group of girls.  I would start the meetings probably with some fun songs and games and Girl Scout traditions so they will keep coming back and maybe bring friends.  And once you have two or three meetings under your belt and have worked on a badge or so then you can start to throw in a journey (depending upon where it is in the year).  We did a Daisy Journey in the spring with my cadettes and that worked out really well because they could plant flowers and see worms and do some composting... all harder to do during winter.  And since you are already familiar with some games/songs/traditions in scouting- those will be the things you are most comfortable with in starting the girls on.

I also have a cub scout group.  I find that I can often throw in a game or craft or activity that I only have to prepare once and can do with both the boys and the girls.  For example, I had the cubs break into 2 groups and make a marble run and the group who had the marble get to the floor the last (without it completely stopping) won... but for the girls, I made it a group challenge for them to get the marble around the corner, down the stairs, and around the corner at the bottom and their challenge was for them to make 5 marbles in a row bounce into a cup at the bottom... all they had to work with was a roll of tape, toilet paper tubes, newspaper, paper plates, plasticware, paper cups, a few odds and ends that were kind of unique.  Another thing we did was have the cubs make a "recipe holder" out of a paper clip for the head of a giraffe and a dowel rod for the long neck and a small wooden square for the base, and some felt and google eyes for the parts of the face.  They dabbed brown stain on for the dots with a Q-tip.  I had extra pieces cut because I had the girls use these as gifts for the Keenagers (elderly) in our parish.  However, they stained the whole thing and added a red nose and pipecleaner antlers and made them into reindeer for Christmas.  They also got to keep one for themself or to give as a gift to whomever they wanted.  Then they had to actually go to the Keenagers and do a mini visit and give the gift.  You should be able to cross over ideas from one group to another on occasion and make your life a little easier!