Becky again

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Becky again
Wed, 10-24-2012 - 10:50am

In our area, we have a grandma leading a troop, a dad leading a troop, a mother/daughter team with no girl leading a troop, a mother/daughter team with a little girl leading a troop, a wife with occasionally her husband and no girl leading a troop (kids are grown), and 2 troops with young women leaders who have recently graduated and want to still be actively involved in girl scouts and of course several leaders who are just moms- like me!  I can see myself leading another troop or working with cub scouts once my daughter ages out and goes off to college and my sons are gone too.  I  just like scouting and working with kids and it's a good nitch for me.

I say go for it!  It will be fun and you may be providing an opportunity for some little girls who otherwise would not be interested (due to the lack of parent availability?)  Let us know how it goes!