Brownie leader for SURE! and possible Daisy also

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Brownie leader for SURE! and possible Daisy also
Fri, 08-23-2013 - 8:50pm

If anyone is still around here is the final round & round we go on "As the Leader Turns" for finding a troop, etc....

It is official now, I am the leader of a Brownie troop at our local elementary school.   The Daisy leader stepped down after this year.  They are 2nd graders so 1st year Brownies.

She was never a scout herself, wasn't planning on being the leader and was overwhelmed since GS isn't exaclty step by step activities and she needs more of that structure.

She plans on leading her younger girls troop in Daisy's but that won't be for next year.  

I know this time it is truly official as I am on the bank account, have a troop number assigned to me and know it exists.    The downside is we can't meet at the exact same day/time they did before so I have no idea how many plan on returning.    As of right now, only 2 are officialy signed up for the 2013-2014 year.

Then at a back to school kick-off event, apparently someone pointed me out as the new GS leader and a mom was telling me how she wants to get her 1st grader into Scouts and there was no Kindergarten Daisy troop since no one stepped up to be a leader....I also had a dad of one of my Cub Scouts last year say "I hear you are going to be a Girl Scout leader next year...." his daughter is also in 1st grade this year.    After thinking about it, we could do a 1st grade Daisy troop.    I did let the coordinator know that if no one steps up to be a Kindergarten leader we could make it a K-1 troop but it would be better if there happens to be someone that would like to take on the Kindergarten girls.

That is where everything is at right now.     We have a day of the week & time but don't have the location secured yet....I'm still a bit clueless since I'm trying to grasp all the changes from when Carolyn was in scouts.    I don't know how receptive the parents are going to be to us coming in and changing things around but since no one else stepped up to is how it will be.   I have a feeling we are going to be a bit more stricter for scouting issues than the previous leader (who did the best she could but she just didn't know much since she was basically thrown into it unexpectedly -- she wans't planning on being the leader.   The leader basically had to drop out right before the very first meeting due to personal circumstances.)

Becky - Mom to Carolyn (17), Aaron (15), Kyle (11) & Luke (8)
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Fri, 09-06-2013 - 8:34am

Hi again Becky!

Congrats on finally getting a troop.  You have the energy and enthusiasm to take those girls and run with it.  I'm sure that being in your group will provide more opportunities for fun activities, field trips, and advancement for those who do join.  Just be sure to think about the requirements that are listed and make sure they make sense to you and the girls you are working with... I know there is some conflict in the upper levels as to what is appropriate vs. what is presented in the journeys and such for the older girls... I don't think there is anything like that at the younger levels.  But feel free to modify what you do with them as long as it's "in the spirit" of the badge... which is unlike Boy Scouts.

Good Luck and Happy Scouting!