Dance with your Favorite Guy

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Dance with your Favorite Guy
Mon, 10-29-2012 - 7:49pm

Hi - I am a Girl Scout leader, and I serve on the Service Unit board as well.  I am part of the events committee and am planning our annual Father/Daughter dance.  This year, in honor of all the different kinds of families, we opted to call it Dance with My Favorite Guy.  Our theme is a Disco.  I have some cool decor, and we have DJ.  There will be about 125 girls and guys there (60ish couples).  We are serving food, likely a sandwich tray, chips, cookies, lemonade, tea & water.  I am just in need of a couple of game ideas.  It gets a little boring for the guys and girls because not many really enjoy dancing, so we need something else to do.  I am planning an ice breaker game, where the girls are assigned part of a famous duo - like Peanut Butter & Jelly, and they have to find their other half (there will be stickers on their backs) and make a new friend and ask them 3 questions.  Someone suggested large scale Twister using paper plates as markers, that's a maybe.  I was thinking of some of the Minute to Win It games  - in particular:  The Chocolate Unicorn (you stack Hohos or King Dons on your forhead).  I also might be brave enough to demonstrate The Hustle, YMCA, Chacha Slide - maybe.  Can anyone tell me if you have done this type of dance before and what are some activities you've seen done?  We've had years where we just let them snack, dance and get their photos done, and that's been all we offer - but that is a little boring.  We also have a photographer available.  Dance will be 2 hours.  Thanks in advance for your advice and opinions!