Disco Dance

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Disco Dance
Mon, 10-29-2012 - 7:55pm

Hi - I just lost a huge post I had written :(  I am in charge of the upcoming Girl Scout SErvice Unit Dance with My Favorite Guy - this can be dad, uncle, grandpa, etc.  We have a Disco theme - I got some great decor, we have DJ and a photographer.  Food will likely be Costco sandwich tray, chips & cookies, tea, lemonade & water.  I have an icebreaker game for the girls to make a new friend and learn something new about them.  Do any of you have ideas for other activities?  There will be 60 couples (120ish total), the party is 2 hours.  I had thought of the Chocolate Unicorn game - you stack those small chocolate donuts on your forehead and tilt your head back and try to build the biggest unicorn horn - that's a Minute to Win It Game.  A leader helping me has suggest large scale Twister using paper plates, that's a maybe.  I MIGHT be brave and demonstrate the Hustle and YMCA dances.  Any other ideas?  Or is this enough?  We've had years where we don't really do anything extra - just food and music, but that's a little boring.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts!