Few questions re daisy/brownie/bridge(M)

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Few questions re daisy/brownie/bridge(M)
Thu, 04-24-2003 - 8:15pm
I have a question first of all about Bridging. We started our Bridging steps last week which included going to a Brownie meeting and watching them work on a Try-It. Well the leaders of this troop incorporated the Daisies into that and they actually earned the Try-It and this troop awarded us with Try-It's. Of course we have not given them to our girls yet. Anyways....one of the Daisies was absent and so she missed this part of the Bridging step. They went on vacation to Mexico so the girl had to miss the meeting. My co leader and I were talking and feel that she shouldn't get to be given the Try-it that the rest of the troop worked on and earned. But another question came to mind, Since she missed the meeting, she also missed a few of the steps in the Bridging process. I know she can still move up to Brownies, but does this exclude her from receiving the Bridge to Brownies award (The rainbow patch)? I hate to do this, but the girl came VERY late in the year, about a month ago maybe 6 weeks ago. We bridge on May 24th and I doubt we can find another meeting that she can be involved with so soon.

Another question. Our troop plans on meeting over the summer. Since we are Bridging on May 24th I called my council membership person and she said that we can meet as brownies over the summer and we can work on try-its as long as we don't award them to the girls until after October 1st. Does this sound right? Has anyone done this?

and finally a third question. To be a Daisy, do you have to be 5 AND in Kindergarten or do you just have to be 5 OR in kindergarten. My younger DD starts kindergarten in the fall of 2004. She is 4 already and will turn 5 before the next school year ends. I don't want to start a new troop for her just for 1 year until she gets into Brownies, so can I have a multi level troop? Also can I register her as a Girl Scout as soon as she turns 5 or do I have to wait for her to start Kindergarten?

Thanks so much! I know its alot of questions, but I want to do it right!



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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 8:37pm
OK, firstof all yes, if the girl missed meetings that you worked on the bridge badge then yes it excludes her from getting the bridge badge, but yes she does still move up. I would suggest telling the girls mom what she missed and giving her a Brownie leaders phone number (after the brownie leader says you can) and telling her that if she wants to have her daughter earn the bridging badge she needs to call this Brownie leader and work something out, then give her a copied list of the activities you've done and what she needs to complete, and tell her to have the Brownie leader call you after she's gone to the meeting etc.

Summer meetings and activities are always interesting for bridging troops! lol Technically the girls are still the lower age level until Oct 1 when the new fiscal year starts, but once they've bridged they can't work on the old level stuff. Well that's not written in stone by GSUSA it's up to council interpretation and what *most* councils reccommend is that you don't start any new activities for the lower level (since you can't put them the front of your new level vest and you don't want to waste space on the back) but if there is a badge or try it that you were really into and couldn't finish until after bridging to go ahead and finish that up and put it on the old uniform, but to spend the summer activities at the new level.

Daisies, 5 OR 6, AND in K, or in some councils, 4 AND in state pre-k. So your dd can be a Daisy next year if she's in K. The whole reason for the OR is because there is not a set date for school entrance nation wide. Here the bday has to fall before Sept 1 of the current school year, other places it's later or sooner. If she's not in K she needs to wait until she is in K (unless your council runs the prek daisy program and she qualifies for that but then she's a Daisy for 2 years) So if you did register her when she turned 5 and she wasn't in K she would still have to be a Daisy when she did go to K. She can't be a Brownie in K.

When that time comes if you don't have another troop for her for a year or don't want to start a new troop, then yes you can have a multi level troop there's nothing wrong with that.


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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 10:56pm
talk to your council rep a lot of councils have a summer jump start program for Daisys. Our council mails you four packets of activities designed to introduce daisys and help with K readiness. Then in the late summer there is a special Daisy event right before school starts for those summer Daisys they have fun activities and put them into a troop unless they are already in a troop. Which is the case with my DD and her Friends they can be spring regestered into our multi level troop at a discount if they are already paid for the summer program.
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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 2:07pm
my two cents: ONCE you have bridged, and as long as everyone is registered you can work on Brownie recognitions over the summer. Why Not? This never came up when I worked at council. Registrations are for administrative purposes. It isn't like a military rank or anything. Have fun!

Also, Yes, you can have a multi level troop. You might want to find out about a Daisy troop, not just for your benefit, but for your dd and the other girls in her K class. But if that won't work for you, you can have Daisies and Brownies in one troop. I did it this year, worked out fine! But you should wait and register her in the fall when she enters K. No reason to pay the extra $7 so that she can call herself official for the summer

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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 3:33pm
We are allowed to give try-its after they bridge. that is what my field director an her boss told me here. As far as the girl, I woudl say that she can participate in teh bridigng but unless she can find a itme to meet with teat troop on her own or another way to make it up that she wouldn't receive teh rainbow patch for the bridging.

My daughter joined daisies as a 4year old Kindergartener. I think that as long as your dd is 5 you can sign her up.