Girl Scout Update - what am I doing? LOL!

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Girl Scout Update - what am I doing? LOL!
Wed, 10-31-2012 - 9:50am

The contact person at the council has been e-mailing Carolyn back & forth (I see all the e-mails so I know what is going on).    Looks like there is a troop in the next town over that we will be helping with.

She asked if we would be willing to help in a troop next town over (which is funny because it is the town I grew up in).   We have no idea what level, if there is already a leader who just needs some extra help or if there are girls there that wanted to form a troop but none of the parents were insane enough to step up to be leaders, etc... ;)    I would find it completely ironic if the troop was at the grade school I went to.

All I know is I do NOT want to be Cookie Mom.    I avoided Popcorn Kernal like the plaque and I will avoid Cookie mom the same way.   Carolyn sold CASES of them her first few years and our living room was overrun with cookies with just her orders...I can't even fathom dealing with an entire troop's orders (if they have 2 or 3 girls that sell as much as Carolyn did -- YIKES!).

Of course, now I'm thinking -- hmm...wonder what I signed myself up for with this.

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