Girls vs. Woman from Board of Directors

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Girls vs. Woman from Board of Directors
Wed, 01-27-2010 - 9:37pm

For today's meeting, I had invited a woman from the board of directors of GSWPA to speak to the girls about what it means to be on a board of directors and some about her history (since she and her grown boys went to the same school that these girls do) and since she works with the American Heart Association and we are doing a project for them in Feb. And I told her that the girls would like to speak about the local camp property that could be closing.

She expected to talk and answer questions for about 45 minutes. We started at 3:30 and were still going strong at the end of our meeting at 5pm. I was very impressed with her talk and how she related to the girls. She was likewise impressed with them. And I am SO VERY PROUD of each of them... even the brand new girl who joined today! They spoke thoughtfully and respectfully. They were creative and used their brains. They were quiet and took turns. They were very engaged in the conversation. This woman really expected a group of giggly girls and got much, much more.

We invited her to an upcoming tea party and she requested to give us a tour with her of a new unique facility that is being opened in March were medical students will work in a simulated ER, OR, and Critical Care unit with dummy patients that will act like real people. I guess there is someone behind the window who will program the machines to make it look like they stop breathing or their blood sugar drops or whatever other complications arrise and the medical students will have to respond in real time.

Another unexpected bonus came today as I spoke to the new girl's grandma... she works for meals on wheels and we were looking for a project for thinking day since the theme this year is about hunger. So, we decided the girls can decorate the lunchbags that she will deliver. We can even continue to do this so that each recipient gets 1 special bag each week. Besides that, I think we are going to schedule a tour of our local grocery store. All good stuff!

I'm wiped out, but EXTREMELY PROUD to be called leader by my troop of girls!


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Fri, 01-29-2010 - 9:41am

Jen - I'm impressed by your girls being so thoughtful & attentive.