I'm a BROWNIE leader now!!!(m)

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I'm a BROWNIE leader now!!!(m)
Sat, 05-24-2003 - 8:06pm
Well we bridged today, under less than perfect circumstances I might add. Can you believe that the weather here in California has been picture perfect all week long? It has been beautiful. Well don't you know, mother nature decided to throw us Girl Scouts for a loop and we woke up to DRIZZLE!!! ACK!!! We cannot bridge in drizzle, can we?? SURE CAN! We just cut it short. No one got their spirits dampened at all. We kept a blanket over top of the bridge that DH built for fear that they would slip. We had a Brownie walk them across and then put their vests on them. It was awesome! Then I gave out their bridging certificates and we ate cake. We decided not to BBQ as it was just too drizzly and getting cold. The cake was a hit though! Daisies with a rainbow and a cloud at the other end and the Baker put a big old Brownie right on top of the cloud! It was way too cute!

Anyways, I will post some pictures when I get them developed.

Whew!!! All that planning and POOF! It's over.

Shannon~New Brownie Leader~ :)


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Sat, 05-24-2003 - 8:38pm
Congrats.. Sounded like it went off wonderfully.

Our SErvice Unit is holding Bridging tonight. I didn't

go..No one bridging and our Troop voted as a whole not to.

I didnt' wanna go and sit alone..BOOHOO

although I wanted to. They are announcing the new Steering Commitee

and I want to know If I made it.>ROFL