Intro & what R U doin this summer? (M)

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Intro & what R U doin this summer? (M)
Tue, 05-27-2003 - 2:06am
HiYa ppl! I'm Lisa in San Antonio, TX:) Mom of DS 11, Boy Scout (crossed over May 19th) and DD 7, 2nd yr Brownie as of May the 31st! I was a Daisy co- leader last year and now a Brownie co- leader. We are in it for life I hope. Let's see, Our girls are VERY productive and we have excellent parents thus far. I was cookie Mom this year and HATED IT! I think my co- leader blind sided me but that's another story...LOL

There are 3 of us leading up our girls so we are quite organized and able to maintain outings with our 12 girl troop. Our girls raised $660 for the troop(grumble grumble 13 booth sales) and we are really enjoying all the great activities we have planned. They decided that instead of doing one HUGE outing we would have numerous NICE outings. So far we have visited the children's museum and had a picnic, dinner in the park, made nice picture frames for Mother's day, and our end of the year celebration will be at one of those arcades with pizza and cake. In june we are going to the Zoo, the water park, and going for a movie and pizza (or Md Donalds). All on seperate days of course! We are saving $200 for fall camping (I have NO idea how this works!) and our girls were able to pay for their OWN registration fees so we get the early bird again!~ YAY!

Do you all have GS plans for the summer? What did you spend your cookie money on?

I hope this is a rockin' board cuz I'm a chatty cat! (can ya tell?? hehehehe)

WEEEEEEEE! This is fun:)


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Tue, 05-27-2003 - 10:47am
Welcome Lisa!! I'm a leader of soon-to-be 2nd year Brownies. We're ending the year with a trip to the beach and spending the night. It should be loads of fun! That's what our cookie money is going towards. As for the summer I'm still hashing that out. I might not have the time. But I've been thinking about at least one outing. We'll see. Maybe a trip to the movies or something.

Glad you found this board :)


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Tue, 05-27-2003 - 10:57am
Welcome to the board, Lisa! I'm Monkey, leader of a mixed-level troop (3rd year Cadettes and a Daisy) I've been doing the "Girl Scout thing" for almost 10 years now. My older girls are currently working on their Silver Award, which we hope to have completed (for the most part) this weekend.

Hope you have fun here. We have a LOT of ladies with LOADS of helpful and friendly advice!


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Tue, 05-27-2003 - 1:55pm
Hi Lisa!

Ohhh, you make me feel sooo tired! I have Daisies/Brownies and we are bridging on June 9 so we will all be brownies then. The four brownies we had made about $75 in cookie money and planned a mother daughter dinner and movie outing.

So far we have NO plans for the summer...we are just a bit tired and burnt out due to multi tasking. I THINK we will schedule a few informal get togethers for the park each month, but that is it. I'm not worried about retention...we will have everyone back next year.

Generally I'm very enthusiastic about Girl Scouting. I would never say we're in it for life! because I wouldn't want to jinx girls can decide for themeselves but my goal is to be the best darn leader I can be so they WANT to stay in.

Welcome to our board!


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Tue, 05-27-2003 - 10:42pm
Hi Lisa!!

You are tooooo funny! I am the only person that I've ever heard say "kewl beans", so I just had to go and read your profile (then of course, I saw your intro post--figures!)!!! You're in my neck of the woods! I'm up here in the D/FW area but I grew up in Corpus Christi and have spent lots of time in SA!! Welcome to the board...this is an awesome bunch of girl scout mommies (I can't seem to stop gushing!) that I came across a few months ago myself and have learned sooooo much to help me and my co-leaders.

I've just bridged my Daisies up to Brownies and am really excited about the next year. We won't be doing much during the summer aside from camp and a few community wide activities and maybe just for fun pool parties.

Glad to see you here!


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Wed, 05-28-2003 - 4:12am
It is so great to meet you all:) I've actually been around PP for about 7 years. I've hung out on the Harry Potter Board, Reality TV aka Survivor board, Autism board (One of our girls has AsPergers or is that a b?), neuro defects (which is gone now I see....., and WAAAAAY back when I was a regular in the PP chats when there was only ONE and it was all HTML! LOLOL It is sure nice to just be able to chit chat with other GS moms/leaders without having to get all dolled up...and I ALWAYS forget that dern pin! Guess what? I pointed my PRODUCTIVE counterpart to this board and she is prolly lurking around:) I wonder if we can get her to make an appearance? Ohhhhh Peppermint.... are ya out there girl? These folks seem awesome!


(oh ya 6x, you got me pegged;) I'm about as silly as they come! But the kids think I'm KEWL BEANS! LOL)

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Wed, 05-28-2003 - 10:03pm
hi there welcome to the board I started here about a year ago and have

learned lots. I am now a Brownie leader of 1st year our Daisy troop bridged

on the 20th. we are having meetings once a month and working on Earth is Our

home try-it since the summer meetings are at my house and I have a pool we will

be having a pool party in a way every month which I put in large bold print

that it is not a girl scout activity on my summer newletter. Safety-wise does not

allow pool parties without a lifeguard. So noted that meeting ends at said time

and party begins afterwards.
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Thu, 05-29-2003 - 12:27am
Oy Lisa! Cheer down, will 'ya?

JK! Welcome to the craziest board on PP!

I lead a multi-level troop of seven homeschooled girls in Southern Oregon. My own two dd's have been in GS for 4 years, and in two weeks will bridge to Juniors. I just recently volunteered to be the area event coordinator - eeek! I'll be taking Outdoor Training Level II this weekend; look for my post detailing exactly how many 'skeeter bites I end up with. "The Perils of Piney."

Co-leader and I plan to meet with the troop at least once during the summer, but just for something fun, like swimming maybe. We're using our cookie money ($700+) to do an overnighter in Sept., with a museum, volcano, and lava tubes thrown in for good measure.

Come to our chat on Sat. nights - sometimes we wander off the subject of GS, and wander into the surreal (kudzu monsters?), but it's still fun.