Journeys? How long?

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Journeys? How long?
Tue, 03-23-2010 - 1:04am

We haven't done a Journey yet & really need to. If you've done one could you tell me about how many meetings it took and what grade/level you are?


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Tue, 03-23-2010 - 5:47pm

Hi -

Be patient - I'm sure someone will weigh-in soon.


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Tue, 03-23-2010 - 10:54pm

We haven't done one yet, as we were busy earning Silver under the old requirements that didn't require the Journies.

But, here's what I found on the GSUSA WEB SITE

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Wed, 03-24-2010 - 2:19pm

We haven't done them either. I have gone to the council office 4 times trying to check out the books but they are never in. We are bridging to cadettes in May. We did one of the studio 2B's and one of the IP's for Cadettes so far, but can't get the journeys book. I'll be interested in hearing the answer too.

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Wed, 03-24-2010 - 11:38pm

I haven't done any journeys yet either. We were working on Bronze under the old guidelines. I'd love to also hear about how it went. I think we will need to start a cadette journey right away in the fall since I have a current 7th grader who wants to get her Silver.


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Thu, 03-25-2010 - 7:14pm

Lord have mercy...
My Cadettes have been Journeying since September and we aren't close to being done.

They say there aren't specific requirements for the Amaze Journey but I went through the book and found it was pretty clear cut.

THere were 3 activities for the Interact challenge, 9 topics of discussion for the Peacemaker challenge, then they have to come up with a project for their diplomat Award (7 step process)

We were slow to get moving in the fall because we merged two troops. I felt we were losing momentum. So I picked three activities for the interact and we earned that (no girl planning). Anything we do that involves social interaction I count towards the peacemaker and we are almost done with that. Then I sat them down to do a project for the Diplomat award and was dismayed by their lame ideas.

I set the whole bloomin' thing aside and we started working on the On a High Note IP and will also be doing the Camping IP.

We will go back to the Diplomat project after spring vacation. I'm hoping we can get the durn thing done before the end of teh school year. We don't have a choice, we have to do it for our Silver Award.

My younger dd's Junior Troop has also been slogging away all year at the environmental journey. Their leader takes it all somewhat academically (which is not how my dd would choose for it to be). I think they are also earning the Music Badge. THey are a Brownie/Junior Troop so sometimes badgework is complicated.

I would recommend mapping the whole thing out, sticking with the plan, award each piece as you finish it, and don't belabor it too much. Tie as much as possible that you would normally do to the Journey. As we merged troops we were making new connections, so that was a natural fit for the Amaze Journey. If your Service Unit has events, find a way to connect them. We did a social experiment at a SU lockin. Etc.

I hope next year's journey is a more interesting topic! We will be spending next year on our Silver Award, and if we make it any farther we won't have to do another journey until seniors. There will be 4 topics total by then. Maybe I'll like one of the new ones better.

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Tue, 04-13-2010 - 12:51pm

My Brownies did a Journey last was the Brownie Quest.

I had a few 1st grade Brownies last year and it was writing intensive for them so we gave up on doing the worksheets and just talked. The girls loved the story but getting them to communicate and offer up ideas was like pulling teeth.

That said, it took us about 8 meetings -- but we didn't dedicate entire meeting to it except for the final project (they made tie blankets small enough for wheelchairs -- not too wide that they'd get stuck in wheels)

All told, I'd say we spent about 10 hours on it. Not including the amount of time I spent planning for each segment.

I haven't done any others but will be doing a Junior one next year.
(I have three troop levels that all meet at once this doing a Journey would have been too challenging for me.)