Leader without having a child in it?

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Leader without having a child in it?
Mon, 10-22-2012 - 9:15am

It has been ages since I have been here.

My DD and I were discussing Girl Scouts since she was a huge Girl Scout way back when...she only stopped because basically there was no troop for her!   She did it individually for a couple of years as a Juliette but we had difficulties with it since our council wasn't sure how to handle it (they lost her cookie order, trying to sign up for events was difficult, etc...) and where she was the aide for daycamp they stopped holding it there.

She absolutely loved it and said if she could still be a Girl Scout she would be.   She is my only girl, I have younger boys & am a Cub Scout leader.

As we were discussing things, the lightbulb went off into my head "You know, you are 18 & you CAN be a leader"...not that I have a clue if we would have any girls that need leaders around here.   We thought it could be fun to do together.   I would have loved to have been a Girl Scout leader once DD was involved (there were a few things her troop did that I didn't like but not to the point I was going to attempt to create my own troop -- there was enough drama involved toward 4th/5th grade to the point we weren't sure things were going to continue anyway).

I was just wondering how common is it to have leaders that don't have a girl in the troop?    As far as I know, the way Scouts go around here -- especially Grade School is -- girls start together in a troop with a parent leading it & that troop stays together until the parent and/or child want to drop out.    Once you are no longer have a child involved, you are no longer involved in Scouts.

Looking things up, things have changed a LOT since DD was in Scouts (i.e. Daisy's are now also 1st graders, apparently there are no more Try-its, more levels in the higher grades (which is good...Juniors was 4th-6th grade when she was in it)).    We could figure things out easily enough & I do find Girl Scouts a LOT easier than Cub Scouts unless it has changed.    There isn't quite the time pressure of you must complete XYZ in a Sept - Feb time crunch.

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