Mixed age group camping - Daisies through Cadettes

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Mixed age group camping - Daisies through Cadettes
Fri, 07-26-2013 - 11:55am

We are holding a Service Area camping trip in September. It could be hot or cold or rainy or dry or anything in between. 

As it stands now, we have 3-4 Daisies planning to attend; 3 Brownies; 3 Juniors; 5 Cadettes. 

The girls range from starting Kindergarten to 8th grade. And I've had troop leaders ask me what badge requirements we will meet. I'm a Cadette leader and have been in Cadettes since the new books came out so I have no clue about the badges for Brownies and Juniors. 

At least one of the Cadettes needs to get some Program Aide hours in. With the way the new badges work, I'm guessing we won't complete ANY badges for ANY age level. :(  We can't work on a Journey because there are just too many levels to worry about. 

Things we plan to do: geocache (assuming I can figure it out and get things hidden -- I may have to assign this to a couple Cadettes!)  I'd like to get at least one part of the Cooking series badges done for each level -- I know the Brownie level is "Snacks" so I'm sure I can fit something in with that. Brownies can probably make breakfast for "Simple Meals?"  Cadettes can do a dinner or lunch?  

What other activities can we do.....

I need specific science/math/teamwork projects that work with ALL age groups!  They can't require a lot of parts/stuff because we'll be limited on space for hauling gear and on money. 

I've done tree identification at a 2010 camping trip. I could probably do that again if I had to. Only 3 of the girls would have it as a repeat and they are 3 years older so could either help younger girls or get something more out of it.