Our too young girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Our too young girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thu, 05-01-2003 - 11:07pm
At tonights meeting, I asked the Mom to stay after So I could talk to her. She said ok, I need to talk to you anyways.

WEll I went first. I let her know we know her dd is to young to be in our troop. That she can finish out the yr. But any try-its we do she can not receive. Mom was ok with

this and told me she had talked to.. name.. I can't remember her postion but she has a office and goes to lots of SU meetings and trainings and does a lot of girlscout stuff.LOL

That she *mom* was going to start up a 1st yr brownie troop next yr for her dd and that

she is bringing her because her best friend is in the troop. That she knows she won't be able to transfer what she does this yr to next yr. Phew.. RIght!! WRONG>.

she went on to say that she was told that her Dd could go on any of our trips, camping

in 2 wks etc... I said, Ok I really don't know but I will check.. She said On but..

Deanna * lady over all the stuff*.. said she could. That she 'is' registered to your troop. I told her I wasn't sure I would check, because technically she is a Daisy

and we are not a multilevel troop. She kept pushing that she had it cleared and O.Kied..

Well.. Deanna, happened to come up at that time. She overheard it. She told Mom..

Mrs. "mom" .. I am Deanna, the one you spoke to. I specifally remember telling you that

she wasn't to attend anymore of the meetings because this troop isnt' registred as a multilevel... That she wasn't to go on any of the trips. Including the camping trip.

This woman was LYING right to my face. What if I had believed her! What if I hadn't

planned on checking before we had her sign the permission form! My co/leader and I would have been in deep dog doo!

Mom just took her dd and left. NO apolgies no nothing.. I am soo furious.

I called her and told her I didn't appreciate her doing that. That she could have caused

serious trouble for my co/leader and me. she said.. Well June *friend who's dd is in the troop* Talked me into it. she said you and your co/leader wouldn't find out because we didn't have a clue as to what is going on!!!! I plan on talking to this mom also!

We made our mothers day pins and planned our menu for the camping trip...

Next week we are going to a scrapbook place...............................


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Fri, 05-02-2003 - 9:24am
Oh my! So glad that Deanna was there. And what in the world does the mom think she's teaching her daughter??? How to lie and mislead people to get your way?!?!? I'd be hoping June takes her DD to another troop. Big hugs and hope she doesn't show up again.


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Fri, 05-02-2003 - 1:51pm
Frankly, I would be surprised if she is accepted as a GS leader, considering her behavior. You should definitely contact the person in Council who handles new leader applications and let her know exactly what this woman did. Luckily, you have confirmation of her lies when that woman overheard her.

Altho' it'll be great to have that mom out of *your* hair, she can't be unleashed on another bunch of unsuspecting, innocent girls and parents.

BTW, I don't think you're "clueless" at all. You would've checked out the facts before just blindly believing her, I'm sure. The very fact that you are on this board, giving us great ideas and asking for advice, proves you are a knowledgeable leader. When people say hurtful things, I always say to myself, "Consider the source," or "I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person." LOL!

Good luck!


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Fri, 05-02-2003 - 3:03pm
what I don't get about this whole thing is what is this mom's motivation? My DD went through daisies and loved it! I was just great for her age group. Plus all of her classmates were in the same group. The bridge to brownies was very important to her. This poor little girl is not going to have the real meaning of any of the girl scout ways! How sad. I really think this mom is a bit mental! Not to be rude or anything but I'm glad I don't have to deal with her. I would probably smacked her a good one for lying to me! How dare she insult you like that.

I would tell her this

"It is in the best interest for everyone involved that you and your DD reframe from attending our meetings for the remainder of the year. If you want to start your own troop next year, you are more than welcome to try. As a Leader of my troop, I have to notify council about the past incidents. Thank you and good luck in the future."