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Resident Camp
Tue, 07-06-2010 - 3:36pm

My daughter also just completed a week at resident camp. It was one with the theme title "Fibers, Fabrics and Fashion" which she decided to not rule out as an option after she learned what needle felting was and what other things they would do for the week... not all fashion.

There were only 6 girls in her session - my daughter- nearly 11 years old and her friend, already 11, both just entering 6th grade, then a 13 year old, a 15 year old, a 16 and a 17 year old. Also at the camp that week was a junior session doing some sort of art theme. There were only 4 of them (and at least 2 of them were older than my own daughter!). So there were actually more counselors than campers... not good financial planning really.

She enjoyed drawing on the jeans she took and doing the needle felting. The reverse Tye-Dye was a bomb. Making a baby quilt was ok. She enjoyed being able to make her own campfire (by tent when they did their cooking 1 time) and she enjoyed playing capture the flag in the field. She didn't enjoy the creek hike as much as her friend did. And they liked swimming in the pool every day.

The one thing I asked her, her counselors, the camp director and the nurse was to please make sure she reapplies her sunscreen every 60-90 minutes because she burns quickly. Well, her face was so crispy when I picked her up... I was quite mad. There were actually scabs around and on her nose and she had lost a whole layer of skin on her forehead already. They didn't offer her any aloe or anything and she insisted that sunscreen made it worse so she didn't wear any after it was burnt mid-week. I'm very mad about that... it was her first bad burn. I've had her inside most of the time since Friday and it's not looking a little better with aloe and such.

Oh, and the other complaint was that these counselors kept saying negative things about counselors at the other camp that she's been to in past years (which she really loves the counselors there). Things like they don't want the kids to have any fun or they keep stealing girls from us to go to their camp...It made my daughter not like them much. She also said that pretty much all the counselors (and most of the campers) were overweight and very chubby and they were allowed to go to the trading post every day and she saw the counselors leaving with bags of airheads and cotton candy and snacks. NOT a good example at all. I don't know that we will be going back there, even though they liked all the pool time and the capture the flag.


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Tue, 07-06-2010 - 5:21pm

I would be livid about the burn.